Saturday, November 28, 2009

OMG Guys shop like crazy too

LOL,this picture made me laugh :) So thats right, this post is about BLACK FRIDAY 2009 & Cyber Monday (special codes on bottom of post) lets see how guys shop like crazy compared to girls during this black friday sale. First off are some pictures on best buy! One of the main places people go to and wait in line for to buy the electronics! The lines are crazy &especially this black friday, things have gone way overboard and too crazy! Check it out.....Families started to wait in lines 4 days before black friday with their tents!!!!

ok these family are just crazy and i saw it online, and couldnt belive it especially the fact that it was the best buy close to where i live, so when i went to buy other things,me and my family drove by, and omg! I saw them with the tents, its amazing how they are so crazy waiting !!

And this is is the morning time, day of black friday :)

But lets rewind a bit and see what employees were doing before opening the door! sweet teamwork! haha, cute how they huddle in a circle discissing on what they have to do! Do you do that with others that work with you??? ^_^

LMAO! The first person to enter Best Buy check it out, its a guy , see how guys shop like crazy too, the difference is only that they go really really crazy for electronics. I mean girls do too, but guys are just ...for electronic stuff!

Hahaha, what the heck right? arrows for ...? It pretty cool though >_<

Now the girls, ladies !

I think thats going to fall...... x_x

Sleepy tired *yawn* lol, thats how I am !!! Tired but who cares shopping and getting great deals and sales, its a must...cant miss out on that !!!

Hmm...lets see so the difference is that Girls shop mostly for gifts and clothes and makeup
(i mean i also shop for electronics but....its not on top of my list lol >_<) sad for the employee, he must really really hate black friday!

Lastly this pretty picture, Snow!!! So nice its somewhere in the U.S a macy's store, its so pretty there, I wish I could go there, In the California here where I live it never snows, I think I only saw snow once And that was like a long long time ago when I was 5 or something ^_^

Next up is Cyber Monday, Mark your calendar its on November 30!
(click on this picture to view Cyber Monday coupon Codes!)
Happy shopping~


  1. lol shop til your mouse m\breaks lol XD

    tehe love ur post ^^
    i think guys have a harder time admitting they like shopping though XD

    also love the team huddle :3

  2. haha awww so cute,the teamwork thingie.ehehheh
    wow u made this cyber monday sale thing??im so checking them out !lol

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't believe how the people would pitch tents outside malls.
    Is the sale really huge? How much are the usual discounts?

    We don't have black friday sales here. But I have a friend at California who hates black friday madness. he works at mcdonalds and hecomplains of a whole sea of people he has to serve breakfast and lunch.

  4. the local best buy here in michigan a person was arrested for selling the raffle tickets he gained from being in line since wednesday. and another guy inside best buy was caught trying to ripe a package open with his teeth and of course was arrested lol....

  5. OMG!!Can You believe I did the same thing on black friday...I experienced my worst black friday...went with my cousins..& It was freezing & raining...& guess what i didn't bundled up...oh no!!never again...

  6. lol i saw someone lined up a day before Black Friday

    crazy ppl.. i didnt buy electronics.. i love clothes more

  7. OMg . cyber monday.. LOl count me in

    haha.. but i accidentally used my sister's account
    lil' budoy. I'm using her computer right now >_<

    i'm not satisfied with my purchases... =(

  8. Look at that amount of people!!!! Did you buy anything, Emily dear?

  9. LOL- I hated Black Fridays a couple years ago when the BF dragged my ass to camp out over night to shop for his electronics! One year, he had a tent set up too!!

    Happy belated birthday! My birthday is actually 2 days before yours. :)

  10. Guys can be just as crazy as girls when it comes to sales! XD Thank you for the Cyber Monday coupon codes, sweetie!

  11. Hi Emily, this post is hilarious :) thanks for sharing the black friday experience as I have never gone before!

  12. haha!

    this post made me laugh so loud!
    i showed this post to my bf, and he just did a half smile! (maybe a little guilty?)

    awww... i love your blog =)
    im following


  13. lol sounds like a crazycrazycrazy rush!

  14. hahahaha... this is so true, because Bro does it too at times!


  15. We need those kind of sales over hereeeeeee!!!!!