Saturday, September 26, 2009

Giveaways: Galore (alot of pics!)

Sorry for not posting for a super long time!!!

Ok about my last post, about my best guy friend, thanks for all the great advice! :) Now haha I know all of you are so experienced, I'm just a newbie, sadly All the guy's I know of always treat me as a"Little Sister" x_x it really sucks.....But with my best guy friend, I really hope he doesnt continue treating me as that, I dont know if its true or not, but I think he winks at me sometimes, and this one time when I was kind of sleeping (not really because I was just closing my eyes) and he blew at my eyes, and I opened my eyes ....his face was so close to mine *blush* then he smiled at me....but yah, that was it

So Today its maybe what all of you LOVE, For today, I present to you guys Giveaways galore , here it is go go and enter NOW, otherwise its too late :p

ok now I need all of your advice

I think I'm having an interview this Monday with Claire's Accessories store
(its going to be my first interview >_<) Please give me advice on what makeup I should do/hairstyle/clothes! THANKS
(please include links to pics or video or tutorials ......especially because I suck at makeup,
if possible, but you dont have to)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've got another blog ohwowsocheap

Hey everyone! super duper short post today (or maybe not)
The banner says it all , please go and check out my new blog, I will be adding more and more and more and lots more of savings, sales, clearances

check out my other blog :

ok so now a little about what I've been doing ~
Im so busy with school nowadays and dont have the chance to go check out everyones blogs, so sad, sorry ;( i have lots of posts to look at over the weekend, and lots of peoples blog to comment
School really really sucks, but lately noticed some cute guys in my school, I wonder why I never noticed them? I wonder if there new....but I asked my friends and they knew who they were >_<

I think its because I've been too obsessed with my crush (my best guy friend) , I knew that I liked him, and I think he likes me but I'm not sure, I have no idea how I can ask him if he likes me, its just way too awkward x_x any tips , can anyone help me???

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Art: Tried the Van Gogh

HI, I thought that its been a while, since I showed some of my artworks, If your new to my blog and havent seen any of my artworks, check it out : (click on it)
1) Some Drawings from a while ago
2) Art Day Drawing
So now for todays artwork

ah, well this is nothing much, not that good. I just thought of sharing it so people can critique on it and give me advice or/and tips please, it well help me lots! thanks!!!

oh yah, and a little about this piece of artwork, I used oil painting, and this is based on one of Van Goghs piece, sorry I dont have the picture of the original, if u have a pic or know where the link is would u e-mail it to me! I lost the picture of it, but it was like so pretty!

So yah, for this pice took me about a few months, because I was drawing it only when I felt like it, but when Van Gogh drew his piece of artwork, it took him a couple of YEARS!! (yep thats right...years! )
Quote of the day
"I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. "
-Vincent Van Gogh

haha well thats it for now! and wanna THANKS SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG! 77 followers!!!!! thank you all , please look on the side for upcoming posts, tell me which one you are more intersted in me posting >_<>


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Have you thought about the future?clothes

Do you ever think about the future, anything in general????

I dont know if its normal or not, but I do that ALOT......

Especially lately, Ive been looking through websites and seeing clothes, I saved it
Thought I'd share it with you guys, these are a few of my favorites, that I wish I would wear later on, this is the type of style that I'd like to wear when I start working full time, a few years later!

Now I hope to hear from all of you guys!Show me what you think about the future,
like what type of clothes you want in the future, or accesories, hairstyles, makeup, or change of style, or where you want to go in the future

I tag all of my lovely followers!!!(and peoples from blogs that I luv)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Today 8 years ago 9-11

Im pretty sure all of you guys know of what happened 8 years ago to the twin towers in New york. The devastaing event that left many heartbroken and sad
Today is a day to remember, at school today we had this assembly and when we were saying the pledge of allegiance, we had a moment of silence to remember the people that had died in 9-11 , it was 8 years ago .....I am actually lucky enough to not have lost any loved ones in the 9-11 but not everyone is as lucky as me

During the moment of silence to remember them, my mind flashed back to 8 years ago I was only 8 years old (what a scary coincidence o_O) I remember waking up in the morning all ready to watch my morning cartoon, once I opened the TV I saw one of the twin towers go down! I was shocked and really scared at the sight, I was frightened, especially when I saw a person just jump out of the window.

Ok so I feel pretty sad today :( but I always try to think on the bright side and make myself happy as soon as possible, so now for my favorite.....Some RANDOM stuff to end this post!

During that assembly at my school today I saw my friends in COLORGUARD!
and I was just like ...."oh hey, I remember doing that"
Heres some pictures of when I was in colorguard , it was about 2 years ago

haha yep, thats me(pink arrow >_< )

Me(black arrow)

Ok thats it , but WAIT! hmm...I'm pretty sure not many of you guys know of COLORGUARD right??
ok its a SPORT, we perform with the Band peoples and we do different types of tricks and pretty stuff with different flags, and we practice routine. Colorguard is like dancing and doing tricks with a flag. Its very fun but pretty hard. We have to practice till 9pm sometimes, and on Satudays we had to practice the entire day. For performances we sometimes come home very late , like around 11pm. But the worst part is when I have to do tricks and practice at home I used to hit my head alot....... but haha ^_^ its all worth it, because tossing up a flag and catching it is super fun!

oh yah and lastly theres three types of stuff we use, kinda like 3 levels
Beginning level: Using a Flag
Intermediate level: Using a Rifle (its not real dont worry :p)
Last level: Using a Saber (we tape it up so the sharp part so it'd be safe)

Thats it for Today :D have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tagged: My Daily Beauty Routine

I was tagged by lovely JBREEZY!!!
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Okay so today I'd like to share with you guys what I put on my face
My Morning Skincare Routine:
2) sonia kashuk tri-active skin cleanser (a cleanser, makeup remover, and toner)
1) Shills SPF 30 Moisturizing Liquid UV spray
(protection whitening)
My Night time skincare Routine:
1) Lavender Detox white makeup removing gel

2)H2O+ waterwhite brightening tonic
3) Shills super vital whitening moisturizing lotion

Bright Eyes
Shills flawless pen liquid concealer
2)Almay smart shade concealer spf 15 (light 010)
3)Clean & Clear morning glow brightening cream
4)H2O+ eye oasis replenish treatment

Special Stuff yay:
1)Yeunesse Lsk (I use this on my pimples, it really helps !)
2) Q Beauty 7 days lift affine Visage gel (info here)
I have some baby fat on face so I'm using this (v face)
3)Shills Firming Facial Cream
This was the one I used last time for my baby fat lol(v face)

BB creams:
1)Shills Perfect Brightening (I did a review HERE)
2)Hanskin Glossy Magic BB cream (i really like this one)

Ok, well thats it for NOW
If u guys want I'll share my masks!
I'm in LOVE with MASKS
Want to see it ? if YES then comment and tell me u do
if not then hehe ^_^ its ok

and supporting me
61 LOVELY FOLLOWERS!!! thanks!