Saturday, September 26, 2009

Giveaways: Galore (alot of pics!)

Sorry for not posting for a super long time!!!

Ok about my last post, about my best guy friend, thanks for all the great advice! :) Now haha I know all of you are so experienced, I'm just a newbie, sadly All the guy's I know of always treat me as a"Little Sister" x_x it really sucks.....But with my best guy friend, I really hope he doesnt continue treating me as that, I dont know if its true or not, but I think he winks at me sometimes, and this one time when I was kind of sleeping (not really because I was just closing my eyes) and he blew at my eyes, and I opened my eyes ....his face was so close to mine *blush* then he smiled at me....but yah, that was it

So Today its maybe what all of you LOVE, For today, I present to you guys Giveaways galore , here it is go go and enter NOW, otherwise its too late :p

ok now I need all of your advice

I think I'm having an interview this Monday with Claire's Accessories store
(its going to be my first interview >_<) Please give me advice on what makeup I should do/hairstyle/clothes! THANKS
(please include links to pics or video or tutorials ......especially because I suck at makeup,
if possible, but you dont have to)


  1. Thank you for posting about my giveaway :)

  2. Aww hope everything goes well your best guy friend, thanks for letting us know about all the updates!

  3. whoa, giveaways galore! :) regarding your interview, all i can say is keep it simple, you don't want to be overloaded with makeup and have super fancy hair and clothes. sometimes less is more :) i'm sure you'll do well.

  4. omg good luck with the claires accessories store!!!

    I would do something natural but striking if that helps at all. waaaa ur guy freidn seems so nice ^^

  5. Something strikingly clean cut is always more impressive than someone looking overdressed. I'd suggest a natural make up look for an interview.

  6. good luck for the interview..

    just be not put to much make up..put a little make up which will give you natural look :D

  7. I'm at college but I'm a secondary school student too :P

    and thanks I need all the luck I can get :p College is great ^^ My stomahc still hurts from throwing up Xd

    it feels like I've done loads of stomach crunches but apart from tht I'm well ^^

  8. Wow that's a ton of giveaways! I will try to get to to them some time..
    You and the boy seem to have positive chemistry! I wish you the best ;)

    Aww sorry I missed giving you advice for your interview.. how did it go?

  9. Whoa... that's a lot of giveaways!
    Thanks for sharing Emily, you are such a sweetie.

    Hope your interview went well!!

  10. Holy moly! Holy Giveaway! Love it! Oooh, good luck with your interview! I've never had one either, so I wouldn't feel right giving you bad advice!! I hope things work out well with your friend :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. aw thats so sweet of him! i think he likes u too but maybe he is waiting for the rite moment?
    xoxo elle