Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Okay so today I'd like to share with you guys what I put on my face
My Morning Skincare Routine:
2) sonia kashuk tri-active skin cleanser (a cleanser, makeup remover, and toner)
1) Shills SPF 30 Moisturizing Liquid UV spray
(protection whitening)
My Night time skincare Routine:
1) Lavender Detox white makeup removing gel

2)H2O+ waterwhite brightening tonic
3) Shills super vital whitening moisturizing lotion

Bright Eyes
Shills flawless pen liquid concealer
2)Almay smart shade concealer spf 15 (light 010)
3)Clean & Clear morning glow brightening cream
4)H2O+ eye oasis replenish treatment

Special Stuff yay:
1)Yeunesse Lsk (I use this on my pimples, it really helps !)
2) Q Beauty 7 days lift affine Visage gel (info here)
I have some baby fat on face so I'm using this (v face)
3)Shills Firming Facial Cream
This was the one I used last time for my baby fat lol(v face)

BB creams:
1)Shills Perfect Brightening (I did a review HERE)
2)Hanskin Glossy Magic BB cream (i really like this one)

Ok, well thats it for NOW
If u guys want I'll share my masks!
I'm in LOVE with MASKS
Want to see it ? if YES then comment and tell me u do
if not then hehe ^_^ its ok

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, I wanna see the masks! :) Hehehe...thanks hun for sharing your routine. It's always nice to see what others are using. I see you are a big SHILLS fan. Which product is your favorite from this line?

  2. you have a cute collection of lip glosses :)

    ooh yes i love masks too! plz show ur collection

  3. yes dear.. i wanna see your masks!!!

    ha ha

    love lots,

  4. Great post Emily! The Sonia Kashuk really multi-tasks! It's really good that you use SPF at such a young age, I wish I was as smart as you back then. :) H20 products look really cool, so does that smart shade concealer. Baby fat? Don't worry about it, you're so young still. ^^ I would love to see your mask collection, I also love masks. Congrats on the followers!

  5. I hardly ever use mask XD my skin is normally too sensitive

    and Neutrogena! woop :)

  6. Wow u use so many nice products , I really love ur Shills Perfect Brightening..looks so cute^^

  7. Hey Emily, congrats on the 61 followers.

    I love your Hello Kitty lipgloss, sooo cute!

  8. Thanks for sharing your daily products. You have so many nice products!

    and hehe my cat likes to stretch her legs like that all the time, I duno why...everyone who came to visit all thought she's weird :p

    yea kalmo is a super nice girl :)

  9. Great post. =)
    Thanks for sharing your daily beauty products. I also use the Almay product. Nice!
    Thanks for your lovely blog. You have a great blog. I'm trying to catch up on blog reading. hehe.

  10. I do wish to see your masks!!! Please...

    I'm your new follower!

  11. Would love to see what masks you use, I'm a mask fanatic too :)

  12. You have so many nice products! Thanks for sharing :]

  13. Great post Emily! I love the the collection of lip gloss!!
    Very lovely post!

  14. the questionaire is for my textiles cw :P

  15. YES! Emily I want to see your mask collection!

    Enjoy your weekend hun!

  16. the clean and clear morning glow really wakes me up in the morning. :)

  17. hi dear =)
    I'm trying to spread the word about my giveaway:
    I'd be honored if you join!
    Thanks :D

  18. sounds like an awesome tag!

  19. Awesome post!
    Love all of your products, especially the clean and clear haha it is my spot lifesaver!
    Beth xx

  20. U've got a good beauty routine going on: FUN post!

    One Love,

  21. yayy how much girls things..i like it!!!

    hi!!i like so much ur blog!!
    please i want u to see mine and suscribe if u like it pleaseeee!!

  22. Great post :D HOw is the almay concealer and neutrogena lipglosses? I really want to try the glosses but they're kinda pricy IMO :P