Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slimming Products Reviews

Hey everyone! Todays post is on slimming products. Many people think that it doesnt work at all, while others think that its magic and they can eat all they want as long as they use slimming products , but in reality they are both wrong! Haha well after much research I have found some of the best slimming products that actually work and are on my budget(not too expensive) So here goes , I'll be reviewing on four products that I use!

What is said on the website, for what it is supposed to do :

Cooling slimming gel for your legs. Long lasting cooling formula. Your legs feel refreshed in the morning if you apply this product before sleep. Eucalyptus mint scent. Use it after bathing.

Main Ingredients:
Mint & Herb - European mint extract (cooling down), European Kizuta extract (treatment)
Skin Firming - Seaweed (Hibamata) extract
Natural Moisturizer - Bittern from beautiful ocean

My Review:omg it totally works like no kidding! I use it after taking a shower at night, before going to bed I put it on appropriately and massage my legs while applying the product and instantly I get a cooling sensation feeling ( I especially love using this when its summertime). The cool feeling lasts for a very long time. And the next day , in the morning my legs are tightened a bit, especially my calves! I love this product, the results are seriously amazing!

Anosa "L-carnitine," slimming water cream Fiber legs and new technology

What is said on the website, for what it is supposed to do :

A magic water cream the Japanese launched the magic water L-carnitine slimming cream, fine water molecules are used to penetrate into the high way to achieve excellent fiber leg massage effect, soft, soft water droplets moisturizes the skin. With the L-carnitine slimming cream, it can take away the burden of lower body greasy; caffeine ultra-compact real essence of the legs can be smooth curves, to achieve the perfect golden ratio of 357; also the mint extract a essence of a day to reduce leg discomfort Influenza .

Magic water cream will help speed up the absorption of water molecules, so that the legs are fully soothing, like a slender fiber uniform supermodel legs ~ crafted reproduction of lower body of water beauty!! The creation of a universally admired symmetrical posture.

Every day after bath or shower, take appropriate amount then apply on the leg from the heel to the calf slowly massage from bottom to top, effectively easing compaction of the leg .

My Review: It is just okay, not as good as I thought it would be, but it did help me during those days when I needed it. I use it at night sometimes, replacing it for my sana esteny cool tights gel. I use it when I have water retention problems (I go on a very strict diet and try my best to not eat and drink water after 6pm but sometimes its hard to, so I use this product) But actually it really does help my legs. Not only do I use it on my legs I also use it on my buttocks and my stomach. It really helps, but as for my legs, I really think that sana esteny cool tights gel is much better for legs.

Soap & Glory slimwear body cream

What is said on the website, for what it is supposed to do :

Created for women who want to help firm and reduce the appearance of cellulite

This amazing peptide balm helps firm, contour, smooth and reduce the appearance of cellulite

Luxurious Body Cream From Soap & Glory

Ideal for Smoothing and Soothing Skin

My Review: Actually this product is pretty good and smells sooooo good!! I suck at explaining but I have to agree with this review on the product, here it is :

" I tried Slimwear after I saw a review for it in the latest issue of Self magazine where it earned a 3.8 out of 5, the highest rated slimming lotion the magazine tried, and also the cheapest! The lotion is light green, which surprised me, and has a minty smell. It rubs in easily and stays on a long time. I jumped in the swimming pool 3 hours after application and my legs had that lotion-y feel. I've noticed a difference in a week, I don't notice as much cottage cheese thighs, really! There's no magic potion for cellulite but this definitely helps with the appearance."

and another reviewer that I agree with:

" After seeing the same review in SELF magazine, I scoured several Target stores to find this almost always sold out lotion. I found it while visiting family out of state. Excited to see how it worked, I began the monday we returned home. It is now Wednesday and it is remarkable the difference I already see in the stretch marks on my thighs. They have been a pain in my weight loss to camoflouge. This cream not only smoothed my butt and thighs, it has reduce the appearance of my stretch marks!"

ok so basically this product is not only a slimming /smoothing cream, it also is a great lotion, I find that it works great for thigh area

SANA Esteny Body HOT Massage Gel SUPER HARD

Highly recommended in Taiwanese top lifestyle program
女人我最大”(its a great TV show , you guys should watch it!! I love the show, they give great advice on beauty and fashion and all the other things that girls love)

What is said on the website, for what it is supposed to do :
Trims to flat tummy instantly
Contains Natural Sea Salt & 250% of essence
of Chilli & Ginger
Helps to accelerate blood circulation effectively
Cool to HOT sensation helps firm and burn fat
Retains moisture
Suitable for whole body use

Use on dry skin,Apply generous amount on body and massage for 2 to 3 minutes
- Rinse thoroughly with water

My Review: I use this product when I am in the shower, I try my best to use it everyday, but sometimes forget to use it or get lazy. But this product is so good! It is amazing, especially because chili does help you get slimmer. Some girls in Taiwan (I saw a youtube video on this Some girls would just get the chili and slather it on there body and wrap themseleves then wait for minutes (I dont know for how long) but supposably it will make them slimmer, But personally I think using this product is much better, especially because it is made to make yourself sweat and makes the body have a good blood circulation! I use it on buttocks, Arms, legs, and stomach.

hahaha sounds like I'm writing some essay or something, but I just wanted to let you guys know some final tips and advice. The above, all those slimming products are just compliments to working out. It adds to it, no matter what you still have to workout to see amazing results. These products truly do work! If you have any further questions on the products please e-mail me . My e-mail is on the right hand side. And if you want to know where to but the products you can also e-mail me!

Soon, I will be doing a full review on face slimming advice (how to massage and products)

Last but not least THANKS TO MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS!!! and also to those that helped me, My test day was great I ended up using a BB cream, and I had time to look in the mirror and actually try out the "messy hair do" and this time it worked! YAY (all thanks to you guys, my test day was great! Oh this is one of the many reasons why i love blogging)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Testing tomorrow , care about looking pretty or no?

hello everyone
haha well todays post is just about testing (ergh..what i really hate but) i was just wondering do you guys tend to care about looking pretty on test days? (hint hint: especially if you "might" see your crush) Because tomorrow I have a super duper important test, the scary SAT!!! I've already took it twice, but this is going to be the last time (finally!) that I'm taking this. Usually on tests I dont care about looking pretty (at all....) because I usually feel really crappy or pissed or freaked out and nervous about how I would do on the test. But sometimes, coincidentally you might see someone you didnt intend on seeing , and you start feeling self conscious, that tends to be happening to me a lot lately o_o Usually this is what I do the day before test and on test day:
Day before:
1)feeling stressed
2)scared about doing bad on testing
3)start intense studying (a.k.a procrastinating >_<)
4) call my best friends forever and talk about SAT
and also wish each other good luck
5)nightmares at night (dont sleep well)
Day of test: 1) wake up late (oops, but happens a lot)
2) wash face (start to feel wake..not entirely)
3)apply sunblock on face
4) apply eye gel (but I still have dark circles!!!)
I think of putting concealer but get lazy / run out of time because I have to eat

5)stuff healthy food in my mouth (fail at doing it fastly x_x because I have bracesI
can never eat fastly......)

6) get my stuff ready and run outside (because I'm almost late)
7) on the car and damn... forgot to do my hair (try to get away w/ the "messy hair
do" shown in magazines but.... a total *fail* really sucks, so today I'm changing I started to study already but I really need to take time to look at least decent looking tomorrow, not with dark eye circles!! and at least do my hair and look "okay" (but of course looking pretty would be better :p lol )

Any tips for me ? and would you also want to share about how you tend to be on testing days! THANKS !!! (are you able to still look pretty on testing days or days when your stressed out?)

oh but seriously I always am pretty lazy but I will regret it if my crush sees me all looking dead and crappy.....I mean he still will talk to me since he is my best guy friend but I hated it when last time he saw me with super dark circles (from a result of not sleeping till 3am, finishing a project) and he was like "Emily, you look so dead ,and super tired, are you ok?" ahhh!! it sucks , I hate hereditary dark circles, and it gets worse when I dont get my beauty sleep lol (beauty sleep = 9 or 10 hours lol ^.^ yes yes im not kidding , i need lots of sleep)

I seriously have to stop procrastinating x_x lol ^_^

oh and wanted to thanks ahk! I have 100 lovely followers!! thank you all

Monday, October 5, 2009

9/9/09 married at 99¢ only 9 couples

Hello!!!! sorry again, for posting so less lately, I've been super duper busy and my life has been changing (well just a little) Instead of my normal schedule of :

1)going to school
2)after school
-doing homework
-blogging and watching animes + dramas
-partying or hanging out w/friends
3)going home

and repeating for monday through friday haha pretty boring right? (x_x) its all gonna be different because I got my intern to CLAIRES!!yay, I was so happy, but theres a requirement I cant wear jeans or t-shirts, instead I have to wear something dressy I have to wear at least 3 accesories! (haha that would be fun, I can imagine myself :D i feel like a walking christmas tree having ornaments on me) but yeah, my first day is going to be this wednesday! Im so excited >_< oh and I also got a job offer from cosmeland! But I have to send in my resume and wait and see if they would accept me! o_o ok ok enough about my life lol, now for todays funky post, I have been waiting to post about this for a long time, but I didnt have the time to but finally here it is:
Married on a special day @ a unique place!

aww...I think it just so cute, eventhough its at 99 cents only stores
its a very special wedding, I think its still very cute and so special!
What do u guys think?
(I know that many of you are married , if u wont mind would u share with me
your story on the wedding day, how was your wedding day like
if your not married , wanna share with me how you wish your future wedding
would be like????)

Thanks for reading !!! Also thanks for lovely 98 followers!!!!