Monday, October 5, 2009

9/9/09 married at 99¢ only 9 couples

Hello!!!! sorry again, for posting so less lately, I've been super duper busy and my life has been changing (well just a little) Instead of my normal schedule of :

1)going to school
2)after school
-doing homework
-blogging and watching animes + dramas
-partying or hanging out w/friends
3)going home

and repeating for monday through friday haha pretty boring right? (x_x) its all gonna be different because I got my intern to CLAIRES!!yay, I was so happy, but theres a requirement I cant wear jeans or t-shirts, instead I have to wear something dressy I have to wear at least 3 accesories! (haha that would be fun, I can imagine myself :D i feel like a walking christmas tree having ornaments on me) but yeah, my first day is going to be this wednesday! Im so excited >_< oh and I also got a job offer from cosmeland! But I have to send in my resume and wait and see if they would accept me! o_o ok ok enough about my life lol, now for todays funky post, I have been waiting to post about this for a long time, but I didnt have the time to but finally here it is:
Married on a special day @ a unique place!

aww...I think it just so cute, eventhough its at 99 cents only stores
its a very special wedding, I think its still very cute and so special!
What do u guys think?
(I know that many of you are married , if u wont mind would u share with me
your story on the wedding day, how was your wedding day like
if your not married , wanna share with me how you wish your future wedding
would be like????)

Thanks for reading !!! Also thanks for lovely 98 followers!!!!


  1. Aww congrats on interning at Claire's the job offer at Cosmeland, it's very exciting to work during high school! haha I worked at Subway's and it was lame though LOL. I never head of 99 cent weddings, all the couples look very happy, congrats to them too!

  2. Congrats on the internship and job offer! Wow!

  3. congrats on ya job offer! and this post is amazing! i think lots of people luv to have their big wedding day memorable and that is definitely one of them!
    i have a very unique reception, buffet style! well coz i got some vegan guests, so i think its easiest to have a buffet, people can get up n walk around mingle n choose their own food. i think couples should spend more on honeymoon than on the day itself, becoz the bride n groom is the one that needs the most pampering!
    xoxo elle

  4. hi! just found your blog randomly and i think its super cute :) this 99 marriage thing is super cool! although I don't think I'd like to get married at 99cents store hmm :/ though I guess its pretty unique and awesome :D ? x

  5. Hello Emily! Why didn't I know about this Cosmelandusa website before? Thanks, now I have a new place to online shop!

    LOL only in Hollywood would someone get married in a 99cent store.

    What part of california are you in? BTW congrats on the new job!

  6. Congrats on getting your intern at Claires! It can't be too hard to have to wear a few accessories, although I'm really bad and never accessorise. Hahaha...

    I'm not sure I'd like getting married at a 99 cents store, it would feel tacky to me. I want to have a small private wedding, somewhere really pretty with rolling hills and castles =) What about you?

  7. Congrats!!! No wonder you've been busy.. haha you're doing quite a lot of activities besides school. When will you start working/interning? Yes I agree the weddings are sweet indeed.. but I wouldn't get married there haha :D I want something extravagant!

  8. Hope you get on well in your new job! Also I think it doesn't really matter where someone gets married. Marriage doesn't have to be super duper glamorized, although personally I'd like a more romantic setting ^_^

  9. congrats on your internship!
    getting married in a 99 cent store is unique... but i do not like the idea for myself.

  10. wow that is such a weird promotion

  11. Wow, congrats on your internship and job offer!! Woo hoo, do keep us updated on how it is like.

    p.s: I really don't have nice skin, hee hee. Trust me on this. I switch between BB cream which I use everyday during the afternoons and foundation during night time since I don't like the white-ish cast that BB cream gives when pictures are taken.

    I use the Etude House Previous mineral BB cream (the colour is kinda a little too fair even for me) for foundation I tend to switch around dpending on what coverage I need.

    But anyway take care sweets~!

  12. YaY for the intern! ^__^ hehe

    & oh I remember hearing about this a couple of months ago when they were putting this whole 99 cent store wedding together on the news. I didnt' really believe that it was true, but I suppose it is!

  13. Woah a walking X-mas tree would be so cool!LOL!
    And also,congrats!!!!!!
    AND!WOAH THAT WEDDING ID COOL!Very creative!and unique!!!