Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hollywood: part 4 Michael Jackson RIP

Hi everyone ! Hope that all of you are enjoying your holidays so far! Well todays post is real short just wanted to share a few pictures with you guys, this was taken from the summer...(yes i know it was a long time ago...)But yeah Michael Jacksons star was filled with piles of gifts and letter and pictures, all of his fans were around and luckily I squeezed inside the circle of fans to take a few pictures!

so....sad :( I actually kinda liked michael jackson!
His singing and dancing was so speical and unique

Well Michael Jackson R.I.P! :/
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vending machines are fun! Theres so many!

How awesome is that? A sephora veding machine! I can't wait for this to happen, it would be so fun !!! What do you think? Like it >_
Well :) Hello everyone, sorry for not blogging for a couple of days, theres good news and bad news, first with the bad news I guess, :[ I was sick with a high fever and didnt go to school for like a day and now i have a sore throat, it really sucks, my friends cant even hear me eventhough she sits like right next to me.... It really sucks but well the good news is, yay!!! I found my camera, I found it in the random cabinet wrapped in a bag and even wrapped in my cardigan? how random is that??? lol, well I was just super happy yesterday, and kept taking bunch of pictures, so soon I'll be posting about my skin care and those beauty stuff and secrets and tips, that I have been messing around with and discovered and some hauls and My artwork , my collage! Finally....!!! Well anyways, todays posting is about Vending machines, I just recently noticed how great they are, seriously Its so fun!!! !! Ok here goes a bunch of different vending machines out there! >_< One of my favorite ones ! The shoe vending machine!!!

Whoa...lets see A robot vending machine, Hmm..I wonder if its gonna run around the city
Omg....the coffee vending machine!!!!

oohhh!!! yum, Ice Cream!!!!

Pizza!!!! vending machine so awesome
(But you know, this would be wayyy better if it came with a Vegetarian Pizza vending machine !!!!)

ok....Now here we have a human vending machine? Why couldnt it just be normal magazine vending machine, why the heck does the girl have to be there?? >_<>

The usual, and my favorite one when i was a kid, the toy vending machine

Aww...so pretty flower vending machine :) For the guys in a hurry to give there girl flowers

LMAO *_* I was laughing so hard this is ridculous, eggs!!!

Omg this is one of the cute ones too! Its a Umbrella vending machine...how awesome it that!
Ergghh... a awkward but uhmmm interesting....Its a lingerie vending machine x_x
Korea vending machine of Books :)
LOL Rent a Laptop ?_?
Aww..so cute Hello Kitty, Popcorn!
awesome ^_^ Camera Vending machine!
But now, even better! Ipod and other Apple gadgets vending machine!
The vending machine for the artist! Filled with art supplies, from stenciling kits to spray paints ...hahaha so fun :) makes buying so easy and quick

I wish there were some great vending machines around where I live ! So now I want to hear from you! What do you think? Which is your favorite vending machine?

Have a great day everyone! And Happy Holidays :D

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beauty product review: ~H2O+ Waterwhite Brightening Night Cream

Hello everyone! Wow, I havent blogged on beauty products for quite a long time! Sorry everyone, but I can't find my camera!! :( so yeah, I'm blogging on the photos that i took during summer, Due to my Short term memory that i think im gaining ....I have no idea where i hid my camera...lol and to make things worse I have to try finding it at two places, My home and the salon *sigh* wish me good luck yeah? x_x well here goes todays beauty product review

what is said about the product, what it's supposed to do:
A rich, reparative skin-lightening cream formulated to diffuse benefits throughout the night, when skin cells are most receptive to renewal. Brightens complexion and evens skin tone, while helping improve skin texture and resilience. In the morning, skin looks and feels refreshed, energized, incredibly soft, smooth and supple.

Why I bought it:
I bought it that time mostly because of reading this review
"I already love it and it's only been two weeks. This will definately be one I keep in my daily regimine. I can see the difference on my skin discolorations and an evening out of the overall look of my face."
and also another review
"I have totally fallen in love with this product line. This night cream leaves my skin soft and radiant without greasy feeling. I can see my skin being more clarified than before! "

But now heres my review on it:
Well first off I'd like to tell you that once I use it, it was amazing for my comnination skin. I had always been in search of a real good moisturizer that actually helps for my oily t zone and dry cheek area. This really helps! Its amazing! Seriously once I put it onto my face, the moisture was perfect for my skin. And gradually in a couple of days I could really see the difference. My skin became softer , so basicaly I love this! I would recommend it for everyone to use! It can be used for all skin types. Check it out here at the site! Are you interested in buying it, if you are then your luck :) because right now its on sale for only $19.99 (If your interested in more sales & even giveaways or freebies be sure to check out my other blog Pink Savings!)
~H2O+ Waterwhite Brightening Night Cream

I give it a 4star/5star

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Want to be Happy?

Hello everyone! Hope all of you had a wonderful Cyber Monday! Did u guys buy stuff and get great deals? Well todays post is on being happy! Yesterday I discovered a wonderful blog, and got invited and accepted the invitation. Now I am a contributor of This blog Happy Moments! Check it out, This blog is really awesome!!! (click on the first picture, the picture on the top to read my first post on the blog! Its really useful and helpful ^_^ or click here)

My first post on happy moments:(find out what i posted on find out now! *_*)

And Now Here are some things that make me happy!
Hope these will also make you happy!
Garfield >_<

Garfield is so cute and funny!
My favorite Comic character ^_^
Who's your favorite comic or Anime charater?

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

OMG Guys shop like crazy too

LOL,this picture made me laugh :) So thats right, this post is about BLACK FRIDAY 2009 & Cyber Monday (special codes on bottom of post) lets see how guys shop like crazy compared to girls during this black friday sale. First off are some pictures on best buy! One of the main places people go to and wait in line for to buy the electronics! The lines are crazy &especially this black friday, things have gone way overboard and too crazy! Check it out.....Families started to wait in lines 4 days before black friday with their tents!!!!

ok these family are just crazy and i saw it online, and couldnt belive it especially the fact that it was the best buy close to where i live, so when i went to buy other things,me and my family drove by, and omg! I saw them with the tents, its amazing how they are so crazy waiting !!

And this is is the morning time, day of black friday :)

But lets rewind a bit and see what employees were doing before opening the door!

aww...how sweet teamwork! haha, cute how they huddle in a circle discissing on what they have to do! Do you do that with others that work with you??? ^_^

LMAO! The first person to enter Best Buy check it out, its a guy , see how guys shop like crazy too, the difference is only that they go really really crazy for electronics. I mean girls do too, but guys are just ...wow ...for electronic stuff!

Hahaha, what the heck right? arrows for ...? It pretty cool though >_<

Now the girls, ladies !

I think thats going to fall...... x_x

Sleepy tired *yawn* lol, thats how I am !!! Tired but who cares shopping and getting great deals and sales, its a must...cant miss out on that !!!

Hmm...lets see so the difference is that Girls shop mostly for gifts and clothes and makeup
(i mean i also shop for electronics but....its not on top of my list lol >_<)

Wow...so sad for the employee, he must really really hate black friday!

Lastly this pretty picture, Snow!!! So nice its somewhere in the U.S a macy's store, its so pretty there, I wish I could go there, In the California here where I live it never snows, I think I only saw snow once And that was like a long long time ago when I was 5 or something ^_^

Next up is Cyber Monday, Mark your calendar its on November 30!
(click on this picture to view Cyber Monday coupon Codes!)
Happy shopping~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Happy Thanksgiving &TAG

Hey everyone! yay! finally this time of year has come, Its THANKSGIVING! Happy thanksgiving everyone! Hope all of you will enjoy your thanksgiving, This year, why not try something new and different to eat for thanksgiving! Instead of eating Turkey, Try something that I eat! Its actually really really good, and tastes yummy, and super delicious, no lie. Want to try it, heres the recipe! I mean, you can also buy it, but I dont really know where you can buy it, at the places where you live, but you can make it. Its not too late right?

yep! Thats what it is. Its a Vegetarian Turkey! Instead of eating poor innocent turkeys, try this!
Tofurky! Heres the recipe :]

Vegetarian Tofu Turkey Loaf

Make your own vegetarian homemade "Tofurky"! Slice up this vegetarian tofu turkey and serve topped with vegetarian gravy for a vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving entree, or, make veggie turkey sandwiches.


  • 2 blocks firm or extra firm tofu, well pressed
  • 3 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 1/2 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 1/2 tbsp dry sherry
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper


Freeze the tofu overnight or for a few hours. Allow it to thaw, then press well to squeeze out all the extra water.

Place the tofu blocks in a lightly greased loaf pan, squeezing them as close together as possible.

In a small bowl, whisk together the remaining ingredients. Pour about 2/3 of this mixture over the tofu, and refrigerate the remaining 1/3. Cover the tofu in the pan, and allow to marinade overnight, or for at least 4 hours.

After marinating, pour the remaining soy sauce mixture over the tofu, then bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, basting the extra marinade over the tofu once or twice.

Remove the tofu from the oven and carefully flip it over. Bake for another 45 minutes, basting occasionally. Allow to cool slightly before serving.

Enjoy your homemade tofu turkey!

& watch the video on how to make it here

So what are you guys doing this Thanksgiving? I'm eating with families and friends, so I'm super happy, especially because this year almost all of my best friends are going to be there eating together, we are all going to eat vegetarian food tonight! I'm already a vegetarian, but I'm happy that my friends are eating vegetarian food with me, when they are not a a vegetarian!
^_^ ~Thanksgiving TAG! (your it)~ ^_^
Hey! your it, now heres the Tag its very simple, Just post on What are your Thankful for?

Im Thankful for My family and Friends. They are so awesome, and they mean the world to me. They are so nice and are so helpful, I'm glad that I have such great friends and family members. Even though It pretty sad because most of family is in Taiwan, even my older sister is there, but I have made many best friends who I consider as my family already! They are the ones that help me anytime and all the time. They listen to everything that I need to say, and give me the best advice and tips. They celebrate with me when I'm happy and party together, and they help me when I'm feeling down and cry together.
I'm also Thankful for having so many things. Even though I am not rich or anything, and I only live in a small apartment, but at least I live comfortably and under a roof, and have a comfy bed and tons of stuffed animals.....I am a lot luckier than many people in the world nowadays, many that are homeless who have no where to go , I am alot luckier then them,I hope I can help them some way.....I am also very thankful to always be able to eat full and healthy , I'm happy and very thankful to be able to keep warm when its cold, and stay cool when the weather is hot :) I'm so grateful of many things, but these are the most important ones!

Tag your it! I tag everyone that reads this post! Give me the link or tell me if you do the post, I'd love to read it!!! And its ok, you dont have to do it today, its ok you can do this Tag even after Thanksgiving if you'd like to ^__^

aww...isnt that cute!! >_<
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I'm Thankful to have a blog with so many lovely followers!!!