Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hollywood: part 4 Michael Jackson RIP

Hi everyone ! Hope that all of you are enjoying your holidays so far! Well todays post is real short just wanted to share a few pictures with you guys, this was taken from the summer...(yes i know it was a long time ago...)But yeah Michael Jacksons star was filled with piles of gifts and letter and pictures, all of his fans were around and luckily I squeezed inside the circle of fans to take a few pictures!

so....sad :( I actually kinda liked michael jackson!
His singing and dancing was so speical and unique

Well Michael Jackson R.I.P! :/
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  1. Yeah, it must be really something personal to see that. I liked Micheal Jackson's singing, he was great since he was a little kid.

  2. whoa thats really sweet of them

  3. I still think it's a big lost MJ died... way too early!


  4. Hey girl!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and recieved lots of great gifts. =)
    New Years is right around the corner. =)