Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hollywood part 2 :Shopping

Hey everyone! hope all of you are having a wonderful week! This post is a continuation of the Hollywood part 1: stars (if u havent read that post check it out click here) Today this post is on the time when I went to Hollywood over the summer , and some of my favorite shops I took a picture of it. Check it out! (For some reason these shops look different in Hollywood.....what do you think?)
Forever 21 clothing store, they have really cute clothes and also nice clothes for guys too!

Katy Perry ! (really love her songs, and I think she's so pretty) She's advertising for H&M clothing store.... There clothes are pretty nice too

Now this one....Everyone here should know right, I dont need to explain right :p Well just in case you don tknow its Sephora One of the best beauty Shops! (love going there to try out makeup and also fragrances and get tons of samples)

Now this store is on the bottom of Sephora, its Express, also a clothing store.
yay my favorite store in this entire post! Sanrio aka Hello kitty & her friends store

next up is this COACH!!! omg the purses are so pretty, I was just staring at the purse in front of the window, haha people were looking at me funny...

Lastly! This was the door to coach but to my suprise (when I opened the automatic sliding door...) there was more shops inside. There was so many more cosmetic counters!! and also other name brand shops inside (too bad I couldnt go in for a long time.....)
So what do you guys think, are you convinced? want to shop at Hollywood ?!
I should do like a meet up, next year or something at Hollywood :] yes , no, maybe so?
Thats it for today! Thanks so much for reading !!! Thanks for visiting my blog an taking time to read my posts! I really appreciate everyone of yours comments!!!! And also thanks for Followers! All of you make me want to continue on to posting more on my Blog :] Have a awesome week!!!


  1. Hi honey! Ugh, I hate Blogger sometimes b/c this post of yours did not show up in my dashboard. :( So glad I heard from you today or else I might've missed it. Love your pics!! Were these taken at Hollywood & Highland? I have not been there in such a long time. Plus I didn't know that they have a Sanrio store!

    Thank you for your super sweet comment! :D

  2. you're in hollywood?!
    i live in LA!

  3. wooow great shops! Especially Sanrio haha. You know I love Sanrio <3 I want to go shopping with you someday!
    How are u?


  4. Looks like you went to a bunch of great stores~! I hope you had so much fun^^

  5. Ahhh! =D Hollywood! SO lucky~~!!! SEPHORA <3!!!!!!

  6. eeekk i wanna go there !
    u r so lucky !!
    katy perry !hehe

  7. The shops look amazing!! I would love to read about your paper if possible :)

  8. Hollywood<3
    Haven't been here in a while~

  9. i want to go shoppin g there too =x ~

  10. Lovely pictures! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
    It made me smile :)
    Hope you're having a nice week so far.
    ❉ ✿ ✿ ❉

  11. Hi Emily,

    thanks for your comment you are really sweet ^3^

    I got the circle lenses from hk, you can buy them in any opticians in HK, they are everywhere ^^. I'm not sure where you can buy them online, but i heard they are expensive ><

  12. Looks like you had an eventful day, did you buy anything??