Friday, November 20, 2009

My 17th birthday today

Hi everyone! I feel so loved, i wanna cry , thanks all of you for such sweet comments and giving me such great birthday wishes, all of you are so nice!Wow...I can't belive I blogged continuously, I usually wait for a few days before moving on to the next post, but I think its because so many great things have happened recently that I just want to remember it and since I dont write and keep a diary my blog is somewhat like a diray..haha just a ^_^ public o_o diary? oh well here are some of the presents I have received online! sweet, being a sephora insider I get a free birthday gift, how awesome is that! I feel so loved, are you a sephora insider, yes?(thats great! have you tried this lip gloss yet?) ...or your not?not a sephora insider! (no way..hurry and become one now, its free here sign up! here here here) Check out what sephora wrote to me

"Dear Emily:
May your day be filled with gorgeous hair, pretty makeup, and your Beauty Insider birthday gift –
SEPHORA Brand Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Trio in Precious Pink, Rosy Glow, and Bronzed Beauty." nice!

aww...again another super nice store! Delias!! I really like their clothes, the style is super cute, they have lots of bohemian style, its really cute! Check it out

oh and some horoscope, do you like reading horoscope?

daily horoscope

Friday, November 20

Two completely different ideas meet and clash -- and that could actually turn out to be a good thing. Take the two ideas and work out a completely original third option.

You know just what you want right now and beware to anyone or anything that gets in your way! If you really want it (or him/her) do try to have a bit of patience as you are much more likely to come across as arrogant and pushy today. Breathe and try to count to ten first.

Emotions: Fair ~ Money: Fair ~ Wellness: Fair
Power Numbers: 42, 16, 7, 26, 38, 44


Overview of Today!
I was supposed to go early to school, because my best friend told me too, but oops >_<>

In my classes
I was giving out candy to all of my friends, lol I just felt like giving for some reason (they were all like.."what the heck emily-_- why are YOU giving us stuff on your b-day! we're supposed to give you stuff ...not you giving to US!" lol ...but i dont know why, i just felt like giving them something!

ate the Yummy cake, my friend gave me! shared it with my best friends and suddenly (ergh..i hate it when this happens) a group of people just came & were like oh "happy birthday emily!oo you have a cake! aw...can have some, please, your my good friend!" (pss -_- im just like,ergh yah right..of course in my head but i just pretend to do something else, ignore what they say and only give it to my best friends since my friend bought it not me! I mean usually I share because I know, "sharing is caring" but only when its my own food, but since my friend bought it haha i had to find a way out and ignore it, i felt kinda bad >_<>

After School
Par-tay! party party party, had fun with my friends just chilled and hanged out at my salon :)

at around 3:30 my friend text me about going to watch NEW MOON, she said we had to get there, to the theater early! omg....I couldnt belive it ^_^ sooo many people were waiting in line to watch it, we had to wait and wait and waitbut it was super cute seeing little kids wearing team edward or jacob tees

finally they let us in, ok literally everyone was running it was scary but since me + friends were in the front of line we got nice seats! ok well, its so late Imma go sleep lol....I'll tell all of you about the movie tomorrow and what i wear and birthday gifts (actual real gifts lol) and also my makeup and hair+ a suprise ! good night~


  1. tehe my friends went to see New Moon :p
    I'm not really into Twilight XD

    Happy Birthday
    hope it was great and thanks for all the comments they make me smile :3

  2. happy 17th. one more year to goo =D

  3. awww sephora is so cute !lol
    awww u gave out candies???u r too cute too !loll

  4. It sounds like you had a whale of a time Emily, so good to hear you enjoyed yourself.

  5. happy birthday!!! hope your day is filled with fun

  6. Happy birthday Emily!! hope you have a very fun and great birthday!

  7. Happy birthday girl!! Sounds like it was great ♥ =)

  8. hey hun! happy belated bday! thanks for visiting my blog too! yeshhh i luv u're beautiful! hehe!

  9. aww
    happy late birthday :)
    im glad you had a good one

    aww thanks for all the compliments

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    the prices are different for each lense
    just check the sites out

  10. Happy happy 17th, sweetie!!!!!! *^_^* How sweet of your friend to give you a cake! Sounds like you had a blast....YAY!

  11. Emily, Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you had a fun birthday :) How was New Moon? haha the cat was fake.. but I thought it looked cool. How long is your paper? I'm actually writing a 8-10 page paper for my economic justice class soon, and I will be writing about animals (and maybe environment)! Don't worry too much about the future.. concentrate on getting into a good college first, and things will fall into place. Check out scholarships and financial aid if possible. I believe that by the time you graduate, the economy will be back on track :) I think it will improve even sooner than that actually!