Thursday, November 19, 2009

My 17th birthday & New Moon same day!

Hello everyone! wah! Im so happy, super happy, can't wait till tomorrow because the long awaited New Moon is coming out yay!!! and also, I'm finally going to turn 17 finally....but sadly, I'm like the youngest in my grade, mostly everyone is already going to be 18 and I'm barely turning 17 >_<
So which poster do u like better, if you had to choose one of the above!
(I'm pretty happy seeing my birthday on the poster, I'm so gonna buy one of the posters for great memory and save it to remember this! haha its such a great coincidence! At first when I saw that New moon was coming out on November 20th I didnt belive it, but after asking bunch of friends, then I was like wow, so awesome!)

So now the Two teams, whos side are you on?

Team Edward!

Team Jacob!

(hahaha if u ask me, I'm on both sides ok, its just too too hard to pick, they are both so damn hot!)

How about the book? Do you guys like it? I loved Twilight, the first book, but I didnt read new moon and the rest of the Twilight series, I didnt have time yet, pretty busy with other watching asian dramas (currently watching You're Beautiful! one of the best korean dramas so far!! the story line is super cute and songs are great too)

oh and The Seventeen magazine! One of my favorite magazines! haha finally, i can read it this year and be like I'm seventeen reading seventeen. (yah, pretty lame but thought I'd share this magazines to all of you, especially if you dont live in the U.S you probably dont know this magazine! I would like to say its like the japanese magzine Popteen.....not in style similarity but in popularity wise and age of readers are similar!)

Well, I'm super excited right now, I dont think I can sleep tonight, Im so excited about tomorrow, I'm deciding of what to wear, I have two options right now
1. a Vintage style (white bow blouse and Black jeans + heels or flats or converse?)
2.Gothic lolita (A cute Black bubble dress and flats or boots)
For my hair
1.Im going to curl it doing the old style of using curlers! (Its a best way because it doesnt harm hair that much, girls.....curling iron actually harms your hair alot! I'll be posting later on about hair, so please wait a bit , I'll be posting about it soon!)
2. Im also going to have purple and pink (2 of my fave colors!) hair clip ons!
1.Im going to have Blue eyelashes! (using blue mascara)
2. Im going to play with colors,for eyeshadow but still undecided of what I'm going to use though

Well have a great day everyone!Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to read my post! go watch New Moon! (Im so excited, I'm going with my friends tomorrow, at 5:20 , haha but were like so last minute, we just bought the tickets yesterday!) Have a wonderful day! But wait! Hold up....last but not least heres the New Moon official Trailer if you guys had not watched it yet here you go! Thanks so much my lovely followers! you guys have motivated me so much, and thanks for all the sweet comments, love blogging now! I have met so mnay nice people, thats are very nice too!


  1. Happy Birthday!! & I can't wait to see New Moon either! :)

  2. Happy 17th Birthday!! how i wish i could go back to 17 too :D
    i'm on both teams too! can't decide who is hotter than the other LOL

  3. oh my sweetie, happy birthday!!!!

  4. Oh Happy Birthday to you, I hope your day is so fun and a good day^^

    Sorry I don't know anything about Twilight haha

  5. happy birthday for tmmoro!
    I cant wait to watch it either..
    Wow yay 17 :) i know how that feels like to be and being youngest in the grade. Have a fun time.
    Hope all your wishes and dreams come true :)
    Shan x

  6. Happy 17th Birthday Sweetie, and I hope you have a fun-filed day!!

  7. Happy bday!

    they're both hot.. lol i can't pick between the two >_<

  8. Happy birthday!!!!
    I'm sooo on Team jacob!

  9. Happy birthday! I hope the best thing happens to you that day!!!! I hope your crush gives you an embarassingly huge bouquet of flowers or a strawberry cake.

    All in all, have a great birthday! :)

  10. happy birthday
    which team are u on~

  11. Haha, happy birthday~
    I turned 17 last week.
    I know how you feel being the youngest in your grade.

    Oh, for UC its due on the 30th of this month.
    For almost everything else is due Decemember 31/Jan. 1st

  12. Yay for New Moon!
    going to see it tomorrow night ^^
    (I think you should read the books first before seeing the film)
    I am more of a vampire girl :P
    But I dont find Rob that hot (hides from fan girls lol)
    ~Happy Birthday~

  13. Happy birthday! That's a great coincidence indeed! I'd say go for outfit number 1 :)

    New Moon is already showing today here in the Philippines! I can't watch it because all the tickets are already sold out :(

  14. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! WOOHOO 17!! Have a wonderful day and enjoy it all!!!

    It's time to PARTY!!!


    Bigg hugs & kisses!

  15. Happy birthday, sweetie!!! Ooh, both posters are nice but I like the 1st one a bit more. :) Also, your outfit/hairdo/makeup sounds great! Which outfit did you decide on? Have fun at the movie!!!

  16. oopsie sorry im only 1 hour late to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl ^^ omw, i know a korean guy who shares bday with you, exactly today aswell. but he is 19 XD

    also !!! i soo want a pig rabbit too >< and those rings x) i love the drama so much i'm addicted, i watched about 5 eps at once but only on ep 11 atm... its only 16 eps =(

    hope you had a great day x) I can't wait to see Twilight too!

  17. hello from Thailand! Happy belated birthday xD best wishes for you!

    P.S. I prefer the first one <3

  18. Belated Happy Birthday!!! :)

    I'm def for Team Jacob!!

  19. Woooo, Happy happy happy Birthday~!

    Show us some pictures of your 17th birthday k!

    Have fun sweets!

  20. Belated Happy Birthday Emily!!!!

    I'm Team Edward...hehe...& Eclipse would be my fave....

    I hadn't get the chance to watch new moon yet..:(