Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beauty Product Review: Hanskin Glossy Magic BB cream

Ordered this online here: hmart What it says it can do: "carries moisture to the skin, makes the skin velvet-soft, boosts the resilience of skin, and covering skin imperfectiopns, concealing dermal blemish, helps skin rejuvenation, prevents concealing dermal blemish and helps skin rejuvenation. It can whiten the skin, give nutrition, moisture, detox, and calms the skin."

First Impressions:Ok so I was so happy that time when I came (I already have been using this for a long time...so sorry for the late review! ...but anyways continuing..) so I was super happy :) when it came, At first when I saw the dark color I was a bit scared that It was going to make my face look darker, I had no idea why it claimed to be brightening and whitening the face when it comes in such a dark color (lol... :] sorry guys, if u didnt know yet, but I really am a super duper super duper beginner in makeup, I'm better in skincare...but Im learning from all of you great blogger out there, which are such PROS..at makeup!!!) So well at first I thought that I had wasted my $28 dolllars on this $*it but....I guess not! After apply on my face ...OMG I fell in love with BB cream, From then on I am officially a BB cream maniac, no kidding, I'm officially like now totally obsessed with these BB creams, they are just so amazing awesome!!!

Now for what you've all been waiting for....TA DA

My Review on this product: First off have to tell you guys a little about my skin,
-I have Combination skin
-only a little bit of pimples on forehead, but occasionally have more (when my period come...-_-)
-Middle Fair colored skin (meaning I'm tying to get fair, hahaha...but not quite there, I'm not pale..just a little fair skin toned :p) and have Yellow undertone

Ok well when I applied the product it was so amazing like MAGIC it turned my skin to be brighter and gave me this glow, and had a shimmery feeling, when I looked closely I could actually see these little glitter on my skin, its subtle and I really love it, It makes my skin better, It helps those annoying red pimples that I get occasionally!!! It balances out my skin tone, and it really does what it says...It also kind of hides my dark circles, just a little bit, not a whole lot (but thats because I have hereditary dark circles...) But I'm sure for you guys who just have those dark circles from partying too much and not getting enough beauty sleep, u would be fine...Im pretty sure it would be able to cover it just fine ^_^ what else can I say I just LOVE this BB cream!!

I totally recommend to everyone!

Just one thing...for those of u that will go & buy this bb cream, remember to always put SPF (sunblock!) even if its raining! I'm not even kidding, seriously! :]

ok well hope that this review helped! and I'll try my best to do a evern more detailed review with pictures! Sorry my LOVELY FOLLOWERS!!! Ive been so away lately, school is so stressful, and (and hey!*update* >_< to those that know about my crush thing....with my best guy friend, I've been a bit confused lately, he's been really awkward lately, and I dont think i have any hope at all....He's been talking about "Oh wow, shes so hot...." straight in front of my face... , he's been doing that alot lately, I asked some of my friends, they said its like a signal or something...they said that hes trying to get my attention or something.....or is he ? x_x Im so confused , my head hurts...and yet he's still so funny always making me laugh, and yet sometimes so weird, lately saying stuff like this ...so when I walk by him, then he would be like "oww...u stepped on me..oww, it hurts"(when in reality i didnt...)then I would be like.."pfh...yah right stop faking it, and kick him, jokingly (not even really hard)...>_<" hahaha ....but then he would act as if it hurts alot .....and when I do something like if were finishing class, and class is over, then I have to put away the chair, out of everyone, he could help, he picks me and helps me get the chair to put it away...so nice.....yet how can I ever say those 3 words, (no, not I love u....its not to that point yet, even though it is kind of....but it would be way to hard for me, but just how would i say to him that "I like u" ) My friends, told me that it would be hard for me to be the one chasing a guy .....and it would be hard for me to make the first move...Its always been the guys that should do the first move...or should they?? )Please HELP ME!! Im seriously confused, dont know what i should do, any tips or even a little advice will help me big time!, thanks!!! love all of u!


  1. Lovely review!

    Aaah I seriously had the same thing with a guy! But your friends can be right! When he's saying right in front of you that he thinks another girl is 'hot'...he might be trying to get your attention and the fact he is overly dramatic (cute hehe)...maybe you can try to comfort him and when you look into his eyes and he just gazes back...don't look away. I think you can feel a 'spark' from both sides haha. I know it's kinda scary to try out...but it can help to figure out more ^_^.

    I wish you all the luck! And sometimes you just have to be bold!! And since he is your best friend...it won't be that strange him you gave him quick hug right? or that you pet his arm? At least that is what I think :D!

    Keep me posted okay!! HUGS!!

  2. i luv bb cream too! currently im using both dr jart and legere. i will try to get my hands on tony moly (not in aussie nor malaysia shops) >.< got to be online sob sob
    aw i dont know what ur guy friend is thinking too! wish i can help. i can really feel ur pain, as i go thru crushes like that too last time hehe i did something really wonderful and touch his feelings, and then he confess! can this work?

    xoxo elle

  3. So he is your best friend, yeah?
    And you like him?
    And he acts suspiciously nice.
    But he doesn't do the first step, yeah?
    awww I understand you. Guy is nice, but nothing more. And I don't know "he likes me, or not?".
    Well.. I don't know what cna I tell you.
    Maybe wait, and make sure that he feels something to you. if yes, say it to me and we will think what to do next ^^
    take care

  4. Great to read that this product worked well on you! Fantastic review!

  5. thanks for the review!
    Wow a awkward situation. I've been in the same situation. In the end we nothing happened. Which i regretted a little I guess. But I didn't want to ruin the friendship then, so it seemed like the best thing. In the end I realised it was right because he turned out to be a right bleeptard, but his ex said he liked me at one point. So every situation is different and hard. By the sounds of it he likes getting your attention. So he must like you at some level. As g/f or b/f i dont know.
    Hope all pans out for you.
    Shan x

  6. Good thing this bb cream worked for you! :)

    about your crush thing, I would suggest that you just wait and try to be as normal around him as possible..coz if he knows you like him, he might feel burdened about it and he'll be more awkward around you..

    This happened to me when I was still 15 or 16..I had a huge crush on my best guy friend but even though he courted me when we were graduating, I didn't crossed the line coz I really treasure our friendship and I don't want to ruin it..you know what, I found my man and he found his..and we're both so happy right now..and we still have each other to run to if we get some problems..so I guess our friendship got stronger and I know that we'll stay as best buddies until we get old..I do believe that friendship DO last longer than romantic ones ^_^

    Good luck on your love life!

  7. So awesome that you have found a BB cream you love! :) I pretty much gave up on finding one for myself. *sigh* I'm a total foundation girl...hahaha. Hmmm...about the boy thing, I usually do wait for the guy to make the first move but if you guys are super close I don't see why you can't. *wink*

  8. hey emily....awww thanks so much sweetie...read this post yesterday but been busy packing our things cuz' we're moving so didn't get the chance to comment...:D so what k-drama are u watching right now???my halloween's boring just went to d mall....cuz' it was raining here the whole day how bout yours???

    I'm so interested on bbcreams now...I'm looking for a new one to try..& your review makes me want to try Hanskin...

    and about your guy friend..It happened to me when I was in 6th grade hehe...nothing happened though cuz' he transfered school & I didn't see him again..& I was too young anyway....& did I tell u he looks so much like TaeKyung in you're beautiful:D...major regret huh'.....but seriously you really have to give it more time...& really think about it if what is more important for you your feelings for him or your friendship...everything is a gamble I guess...some relationship works out but some doesn't...it depends on the situation..

  9. my bf was like tht (we were friends for around 3years) confusing XD

    and I always break out into a rash during my period so I feel ur pain:( *hi five*

    great review ^^

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  11. Nice to hear you found a bb cream that works for you. Boy/men issues are always a headache LOL! It sounds to me that this friend of yours is attempting to draw your attention.

  12. You are so sweet, hehe. I love you ^_^
    And I love your blog!
    I am not that perfect, don't say that you want be like me! hehe :D Although it's very nice ^-^
    thank you so much :D
    write to me about the current situation with your crush


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