Monday, August 31, 2009

My entry for Summers 1st giveaway (my bag collection)

2)Hii!! Okay so this is for Summer's giveaway
Please do go and check out her amazing blog
if you havent already then you are missing out
She has a really great blog here (click)

Okay this is not really amazing but these are all I have.

I know its not much , but I mean I’m still in high school and I don’t have a job yet, so I cant really buy anything much :( but Im actually already happy :) with these because they were all given to me from different friends.

okay ^_^ the one with lots of dogs on it was given to me

from my most awesome Art Teacher!!!

She designed it for the bag company

So as to my favorite bag its this one below!

(Look closely, its hand drawn!)

My favorite one is this one because it is handmade.

Not only is that why I like it so much, its also because it is

from my godmother that is in Brazil! I really really miss her :[

I haven’t seen her for many many years.

My godmother, she is so talented and such an amazing woman!

3)To Summer: The first impression of you when I first read your blog was that you are a really pretty lady! I saw your pictures and all the makeup you put on, and I immediately pressed the following you button, because I was thinking in my mind “Oh my gosh she’s so pretty, I wish I can be like her someday”. And summer, seriously after reading more and more of your posts I can tell that you are not only beautiful on the outside, but you are also just gorgeous on the inside too! You are so nice, and doing the volunteer work, I look up to you. I think that you are 23, but oh come on, you do not need anti age products, and you have great flawless skin. No need on using any of that!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Day of Summer, School tomorrow

NOOOO! Today is the last day of SUMMER for me.......So, for some weird reason, the first thing I thought of was this picture (lol, im the one on the top, next to the "ghost" lol)Me and my friends were bored , so we thought of going to CUE so that we would go take some weirdo pictures of ourselves, and look at those pics to laugh at ourselves when were feeling down.......(okay but now, im still sad , this picture isnt really helping me much..)
Sooooo, I got bored and edited my picture, to make it look like how I'm feeling now which is GLOOMY (bleh )

okay but I guess I'm pretty sad right now, because I'm going to miss summer 09
this is probably the last summer that I'm going to spend with my best friends and my family in California, because next year on I'd probably be somewhere else

what I'm going to MISS

1a) San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden
(it is so pretty)

1b)San Francisco Random stuff (haha my favorite of course,
I LOVE random things)

1c) San Francisco transport: gosh I love how I can walk everywhere
seriously everywhere, and just ride the bus or the cable cars,
as u can see on the pic above, its so FUN!

2)Road Trips and the BEACH!
3) Music , Live performances on the street, especially
acoustic(my favorite!)
gosh, i love his voice(the one singing
in the middle),
it was 3rd avenue close to santa monica beach
4a) SHOPS! (anthropologie is so pretty)

4b) Shops! Forever 21,( one of my favorite stores)
gorgeous clothes at a decent price :]

5) HOLLYWOOD!! i miss seing the celebrities stars , it was very fun
GAH~ But now its all over, I feel like I have to walk up these stairs, I have to work hard this year, eventhough, it is my last year of high school but still , theres still so much to do :[ Right now, it is so HOT, and I heard tomorrow is super hot too, Theres a fire up in the mountains, I can see it :O its pretty scary

OH well I still have to get ready for tomorrow be happy.....(yah right-_-), first day of school, I hope I can still look at least OKAY, (hehe ^_^ I'm thinking of putting on some PINK and being girly tomorrow)

*muah* THANKS TO ALL OF YOU LOVELY LADIES! being a follower of my random blog means alot to me,I cant believe I have 50 followers! :o
I will be adding more fun posts

THANKS!!! i hope tomorrow goes well, wish me good luck
(I mean at least I hope I dont trip, or fall , I do that alot x_x)
LASTLY heres a video, of a part of a TAIWAN drama roseate love, watch it, in the beginning the song is so great, but so sad, i dont know why, but I actually CRIED :[

well thats it for now, thanks for reading!