Monday, August 17, 2009

My Entry for Funny Face Contest giveaway

finally i decided on joining funkiimonkee's funny face contest
(after looking through tons of pictures in my "random" picture folder I found a perfect one for the contest , wanna see it? , ok be aware its really weird)

o_O (what the?!)

This was a picture of me, a while back, I think it was last year, I got my bangs cut too short. My mom wasnt listening to what I wanted, she just cut it, and so I was making weird faces with my best friend and I came along into doing this. wow, i look so weird in this picture but oh well, that is the point right? its a funny face contest so yah, haha ew... I have no idea what I'm doing , what pose would call this? (oh yah now i kinda remember why i was doing weird faces , after i got my haircut , me + my best friend were eating tons of stuff and I guess uh ate too much sugar, got too high....gah why? I have more weird pics than normal ones, love how all of u guys have great pics!)

thanks for reading :] have a great day

o but wait, if u wanna read on heres a little random thing to end this post

QUOTE: "Friends listen to what you have to say,

but Best friends listen to what you dont say"



  1. Aw, I love your funny face pic...hee hee! XD

    That quote is so true.

  2. Hey Emily~ thanks for stopping by =) I purchased my L'egere BB Cream from her site is wonderful and she replies to your emails very quickly. I also recommend the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream! If you have never tried BB Cream definitely give it a try, you will love it!

  3. Cute picture, good luck in the contest!

    I think Emily is a really nice name. haha Kalmo is just a nickname, I have a very weird name in rea life--- Kalford. I was named after California and President Ford. True story LOL.

    I go lots of days without meat but to be honest it's because I'm cheap! haha I eat lots of cooked beans, vegetables, and brown rice. Economical diet b/c all my $$ goes to makeup. JK There are lots of vegan/vegetarian places here and I do go to them. :)

  4. Hey! YAY! YOu entered! ahahah Very funny! Thanks for your following my blog! Your blog is very adorable:)

  5. Hahahah, cute pictire;)
    My funny faces are proper BAD hhaha!

  6. The picture is funny and cute! LOL Very cute blog!

  7. cute pic! good luck on the contest

  8. haha cute pic! can't wait to see all the other funny photo's entered in the contest! ;P thanks for dropping by!!! :)

  9. Aw very cute! Your bangs don't look too short. =)

    Hmm it might be a while until I use the Mandom barrier repair toner, maybe won't be for a few weeks but I'll definitely mention it if I like it!

  10. Such a cute pic!!!

    I wish there are more Japanese and American stuff in Malaysia =(

    The grass is always greener on the other side, eh? ;D

  11. thanks for the comment, cute picture ^^

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  13. GL with the contest :) CUte picture!

  14. About my haul, yeah. The pouch was really great! And its just like $2.07! How cheap is that? Haha. The endless love smell really sweet, but I'm going to buy like a smaller perfume or just cologne cause its to big! My bag is like full with it. So, thank you for subscribing!


  15. It's super hot and sunny in Malaysia; whitening products are a must here!

    Hmmm... maybe you can try a whitening product that's cheaper? If I'm not mistaken, Beautymaker has a whitening serum. Try it out and tell me your results ;D

  16. I think that's a very cute picture of u^^