Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beauty DIY: whitening/fair/tan be gone mask

ok ok,a pretty lame title, hehe well, today i wanna share with you guys a mask that can make your skin better, just like my first DIY post on keeping your eyelashes thicker and longer , this requires only one main ingredient , you can view that post here (click)
heres my inspiration

I love Barbie Hsu's skin! And she is so pretty, I wish I could be like her, but not much help yet I can't really buy those great luxurious beauty product that she uses, I opt for using cheaper whitening products and so today, the mask I want to share with you guys can help in being a step closer to having great beautiful skin like her! =]

okay This mask has tons of great results, after using it, your face would experience immediate whitening, and tan would be gone , pores would shrink, and your face becomes poreless, oil balancing, and improvement on wrinkles (i dont have wrinkles but haha yeah), good texture, and mini- lifts your face, and supple skin

Before I give you the DIY RECIPE, i wanna tell you more about it. Okay, so dont worry, this mask is good for All skin types! (yay) and an whole egg can be used for the entire family, (but if your the only one that uses it then its okay dont freak, u wont have to waste the egg white, save the leftover egg white in a bottle, or ziploc bag, or any container then put it in your refrigerator (it will be fresh for a week).
1)Egg (but you only need the egg white)
3) Bowl

1) gather your three materials together

2) crack the egg and separate it,
put egg white into the bowl

3) Now your all set and ready, just apply it onto
your entire face,
but remember to avoid the eye area
and mouth area, you can apply
it using a brush or
your fingers, but it tends to be a bit messy

(Tip: use upward motions when applying mask, if
you want your face lifted or wrinkle improvement)

4) When you apply the mask, you will start
feeling the maskworking, you will feel
the tighness, the lifting,then Wash off with
water after 15 minutes or when it
dries up

and yay^_^! A happy day after using the mask

Yah,happy -_- except the part that I had to do homework


  1. great mask and so easy too! i think i'm going to try this over the weekend :D

  2. Hi Emily!

    Great post and step by step tutorial. I just all my eggs though, such bad timing! LOL Barbie Hsu is gorgeous as well. I hope I can manage to separate the yolk from the whites lol.

  3. I cant wait to try this mask :D

    how often can u use it?

  4. I like Barbie Hsu too! she doesn't look like her age..she actually looks like 10 years younger :)

  5. Aha, how coincidental!
    I was just editing a post on natural face masks as well. :D!

    Thank you for the site! I will definitely be using it in future.

  6. I think u are as pretty as Barbie Hsu, celebreties do a lot of things to get beautiful^^;Thanks for sharing this , I actually tried it before and got good results^^
    Love ur last picture..looks romantic~

  7. Barbie is awesome, she looks so young!
    Thank you for sharing the DIY mask!

  8. This mask sounds wonderful!

    Asience is good, but imo, Tsubaki White is even better. Do try either one of them out =D

  9. oooo interesting! lets just hope i dont eat the egg before it gets to my face. haha! ;P

  10. i love da s! she's sooo pretty! i've tried this mask, i think with honey? I got the dried up so hard couldn't smile thing! ^^

    lol! thankyou for teaching me how to put videos in!! Hehe, i am a youtube-aholic but dunno how to put the videos on! TY TY TY!

    and i'm glad i convinced you =) you should try it!

  11. I totally agree Barbie Hsu is gorgeous! Thanks for the mask recipe! Have you tried it with tissue paper and egg white? Its actually works like the Biore Nose strips!

  12. i love the egg mask!! really tightens up the pores and makes the skin feel so much softer!! hehe and barbie has such nice skin!!!

    you're so welcome for the award =) thanks for commenting and being so super sweet! =)

  13. Hi Emily,

    I want to thank you for all your sweet comments, you make me really happy with your words! :) As for Berkeley, I'm sure you can get in with some hard work! You're so young so do not rule anything out yet! I believe in you. :D

  14. I do this mask too! So easy and good for you. You have such great DIY solutions, Emily. :)

  15. great mask tip~! it's nice how it's all natural too

  16. oo i shall have to try this.
    Oh so natural too :3 lols

    Thanks for the nice comment. Sorry it took so long to get back around replying.

  17. I want Barbie Hsu's skin too! hahaha :) Thanks for the homemade mask idea! :)

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  19. I use this egg white mask as well, it's great for firming the skin :)