Friday, July 31, 2009

Beauty DIY: Keep your eyelashes thick and long

Hello....I thought that it it would be pretty fun to share to you guys how I keep my eyelashes long and thick. I never really like using mascara, I only use it when I have some special event. I like natural stuff, so I discovered this tip a few months ago and since it really helps , i want to share it to all of you guys, :] heres a little DIY that I bet you can do....its a little simple trick that works to keep eyelashes staying days longer and prevents falling for a couple of days more....and and it also sriously helps eyelashes become a bit thicker and longer, Hope this helps :)

DIY Recipe:
1)eye gel
2) no more...yup thats all you need :O
How ?
(Remove makeup first!)
step 1- using your hands,get a little bit of your eye gel(depending on how much eyelashes you have)
step 2- close your eyes
step 3- apply eye gel, as usual ...the way you always apply it
step 4- with the left over eye gel on your hands, apply it onto the tips of your eyelashes
step 5- TA DA~~ your done
(remember to do this, whenever you apply your eye gel! :)
THANKS for reading


  1. this is interesting! how long have u been doing it?

  2. What a fantastic idea. I will definitely be trying this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks for sharing. I am going to try your it!

  4. ur perfect the way u are alrdy!!!

    and ive wanted longer lashes and now i can!!