Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beauty Product Review: Shills Perfect Brightening BB cream

Yay my first beauty products review....
Okay heres what got me interested with this product

" Experience the brilliant brightness of a real Swarovski crystal casted on a classic pink designed bottle. A star rises amongst the various facial foundations.
The BB foundation crème turns into micro water droplets when applied; this promotes faster absorption and forms a water-lock soft film on the skin.
It moisturizes skin and controls oil shine at the same time. Experience a “light”, “transparent” and "bright” perfect skin; achieve a flawless make-up complexion just like a ceramic doll.

Shills Ceramic BB Flawless Foundation is a must-have for your make-up. With a light pink tone and 3D pearlescent pigments, it helps to modify flaws on the skin, face looks brilliant and glossy after application, a definitely show for a perfect face."

wow..right? lets see, if it really does what it says its supposed to do

My Review
I was happy when it came in a sweet package ...I had to order it online here:
(its a really great site, cheaper than many other sites on buying Taiwan beauty products, I recommend this site for people that dont live in Taiwan)

okay so when I go it , reading the usage, it says "Usage: Use after your basic skin care routine. Can be used as a concealer, make-up foundation or a UV protects cream. Can be applied to hands and legs too."
So I started using it in the morning before going off to school :] I got a quarter size and applied it evenly onto my entire face. Looking at the mirror and seeing my compleaxion was great it gotten brighter and as I looked closer I could really see glitter like effects. The moisture is perfect for my combination skin, so I believe it would be great for about all skin types. But the bad thing about it is that it does not hide my dark circles, it helps my pimples because I dont really have that much, I just have small pinples on my forehead. It covers a little bit, not much ..its just a sheer coverage so dont think of it as soing wonders. But seriously I love the smell, it has a light rose like smell. Overall its just okay, not the best bb cream, but its good enough for the price.

I rate this a 3.5star/5star


  1. wow seems very niceee :)
    and thanks for your cmt's! regarding that lip colour i really dont remember what i put on as it was 2 yrs ago sorry! but something similar try the shiseido perfect rouge lippie in BE208! gorgeous colour x

  2. the bottle looks cute though :)

  3. ooooh, sounds great! im using l'egere, so far its not so good on my combination skin. I'd love to give a try to this one :D

  4. hmmm I'm trying to find it...but I have a problem. Well...
    on the backside I can see some number:
    4358Y-04 Starcrossed
    But I'm not sute is that the number of this polish...

  5. Wow..looks so interesting^^

  6. Sounds nice! And Swarovski crystal is a good selling point!

  7. Sounds nice! I want to try least no breakouts right? I'm looking for a light coverage BB cream..if you want a foundation like coverage, go for BRTC, Innisfree trouble care and Missha Perfect Cover..they all have medium to heavy coverage ^_^

  8. BRTC has officially launched in USA and Canada. Visit them for BRTC's premium bb creams including Gold Caviar BB Cream, Blemish Recover Balm, Glossy Shining BB Cream and Jasmine Water BB Cream.

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  9. i love the packaging hun.. (wish it was available here also so i could try it =)

    love lots,

  10. I will buy this because the bottle is too adorable!

  11. hi, can u tell me where can i get it? i cant find that cream in india. plz mail me at