Friday, July 24, 2009

Bauty Product Review:Kracie(Kanebo Home Products) Naive Face Wash - Aloe

Hello, everyone, been enjoying my summer and havent gone out these few days so I have some free time and have nothing else to do but use the computer. So heres another beauty product review. This was a face wah that I used to use. As said before in my previous post, I enjoy using natural products so .....
First Impressions: Once I saw this I wanted to buy it, I heard of how Aloe is really good for the skin, and I just love drinking aloe too so I just wanted to buy it. Aloe is also great for skin that has been out in the sun for a very long time.
Okay, so this is what it promises to do"
KANEBO Naive Facial Foam Aloe is a cream cleanser with added aloe extract to help penetrate deep down into the pores to rid of dirt and oil. It's 100% nature generated washing ingredients including amino acid and its extra fine lather gently cleanse your skin while protecting it from drying. This foam has fresh citrus green fragrance to helps grab onto to dirt and make-up for a refreshing and clean feeling. There is no need to double wash because this facial cleanser also works as a make-up remover. The added trehalose helps restore the natural moisture back into your skin for softer and smoother."

My Review: Okay so as always I just read the directions on what to do, it says “Apply a small amount to dampened skin and gently massage. Rinse throughly with warm water.” Well, I did that then did not feel anything special, but once I rinsed my face with water, wow… felt so clean. You know that squeaky clean feeling? Well, that’s how it felt, I seriously love it! And the smell is a very light scent of Aloe. But after using for a while I noticed that it is a bit too dry for my combination skin. This brand of cleanser also come in different flavors check it out here. So basically this is great…but, it does not remove makeup so now I have switched to using another cleanser, a cleanser that takes off makeup and cleanses. So I would recommend to girls that don’t wear makeup or have time to use separate beauty products and for oily skin or normal skin type.

So my rating for this product is 4star/5star


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  2. great review! I heard aloe is good for replinishing skin as well, perhaps I should try this out ^^