Friday, July 17, 2009

Lip Haul: Obssed with Pink

Yay my first beauty product haul! of my favorite makeup bags , wanna see whats inside of it?


yup , so thats it for now :]
part 2 will be coming soon, (i'll show you guys how each of them look)
Thanks for Reading! Please comment below on what your favorite pink lip product is, reccomend me something :D i've been wanting to get some more pink lip products to add to my collection .....thanks :p


  1. nice camera!! :) and your make up is so cute! :D

  2. heloooooooo cutie!!
    cant wait to see more!

    my fave lip product is by sally hansen XD really boring but i love it

  3. hehe cute lippie stuff!! I had the one from bath and body works lippie too but I donno where it went I loose lippies all the time >__<

  4. Wow, I thought that I loved lip gloss.