Thursday, July 9, 2009

New to this stuff o_o

Hi anyone...everyone,someone?,

well if your reading this, then i hope you can help me, since im new to this blogger thing, and these blogging stuff, just felt like making one because I've saw so many that were so pretty, and I wanted to make one. Saw other blogs that had these tutorials and diy on beauty i want to make my blog like that, and since im pretty much a drama fanatic , on this blog i will be having drama reviews and ratings. Hmm....lets see, what else....oh! also Im really am interested in buying and selling stuff, i ve seen how many blogs sell things at such cheap price, if you would like to sell something then just tell me, who knows I may probably be interested....(if so, remember to include picture(s) :) lastly, thanks for reading a bunch of my nonsense, and obvioulsy this blog will be filled with very very very random stuff from time to time, (o_O i know i know...its weird, stop making that face) ok thats it for today, my first post yay~~ -_-


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