Friday, July 31, 2009

Beauty DIY: Keep your eyelashes thick and long

Hello....I thought that it it would be pretty fun to share to you guys how I keep my eyelashes long and thick. I never really like using mascara, I only use it when I have some special event. I like natural stuff, so I discovered this tip a few months ago and since it really helps , i want to share it to all of you guys, :] heres a little DIY that I bet you can do....its a little simple trick that works to keep eyelashes staying days longer and prevents falling for a couple of days more....and and it also sriously helps eyelashes become a bit thicker and longer, Hope this helps :)

DIY Recipe:
1)eye gel
2) no more...yup thats all you need :O
How ?
(Remove makeup first!)
step 1- using your hands,get a little bit of your eye gel(depending on how much eyelashes you have)
step 2- close your eyes
step 3- apply eye gel, as usual ...the way you always apply it
step 4- with the left over eye gel on your hands, apply it onto the tips of your eyelashes
step 5- TA DA~~ your done
(remember to do this, whenever you apply your eye gel! :)
THANKS for reading

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bauty Product Review:Kracie(Kanebo Home Products) Naive Face Wash - Aloe

Hello, everyone, been enjoying my summer and havent gone out these few days so I have some free time and have nothing else to do but use the computer. So heres another beauty product review. This was a face wah that I used to use. As said before in my previous post, I enjoy using natural products so .....
First Impressions: Once I saw this I wanted to buy it, I heard of how Aloe is really good for the skin, and I just love drinking aloe too so I just wanted to buy it. Aloe is also great for skin that has been out in the sun for a very long time.
Okay, so this is what it promises to do"
KANEBO Naive Facial Foam Aloe is a cream cleanser with added aloe extract to help penetrate deep down into the pores to rid of dirt and oil. It's 100% nature generated washing ingredients including amino acid and its extra fine lather gently cleanse your skin while protecting it from drying. This foam has fresh citrus green fragrance to helps grab onto to dirt and make-up for a refreshing and clean feeling. There is no need to double wash because this facial cleanser also works as a make-up remover. The added trehalose helps restore the natural moisture back into your skin for softer and smoother."

My Review: Okay so as always I just read the directions on what to do, it says “Apply a small amount to dampened skin and gently massage. Rinse throughly with warm water.” Well, I did that then did not feel anything special, but once I rinsed my face with water, wow… felt so clean. You know that squeaky clean feeling? Well, that’s how it felt, I seriously love it! And the smell is a very light scent of Aloe. But after using for a while I noticed that it is a bit too dry for my combination skin. This brand of cleanser also come in different flavors check it out here. So basically this is great…but, it does not remove makeup so now I have switched to using another cleanser, a cleanser that takes off makeup and cleanses. So I would recommend to girls that don’t wear makeup or have time to use separate beauty products and for oily skin or normal skin type.

So my rating for this product is 4star/5star

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beauty Product Review: Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

Hi everyone, first of all I want to say THANKS…thanks for my followers, you guys follow even though my blog is still boring and just began. Thanks for following, it makes me want to continue blogging :]

Okay well today I want to review and tell you guys about the Ahava Mineral Hand Cream. Nowadays everyone wants to use natural stuff, and this line of product is from the Dead Sea.

Okay First Impressions: When I first saw this bottle I thought it was just another one of those hand creams, and ergh blah blah blah, but what got me into buying this was that it was from the dead sea and contained minerals. So then I bought it while I was at Costco

What it’s supposed to do:

“For All Skin Types, Approved for Sensitive Skin, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically Tested

Mineral Hand Cream specially enriched with Mineral Skin Osmoter- AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Complex.

A luxuriously rich cream drenches the hands in velvety smoothness. Treats skin to deep-down nourishment. Formulated to calm and soften rough hands to a surprisingly smooth texture. Apply anytime throughout the day for immediate relief and improvement.”

My Review on the Product:

Before going to be bed I got about a quarter amount onto my hands. Then wow, it seriously does exactly what it says. It is so awesome. Leaved my hands velvety smooth. I definitely recommend this to everyone. (But since it is too thick of moisture, I won’t recommend using in the summer. Because your hands would be sweaty) This is just excellent product, and I would definitely want to buy it again.

My rating for this product is a 5star/5star!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lip Haul: Obssed with Pink

Yay my first beauty product haul! of my favorite makeup bags , wanna see whats inside of it?


yup , so thats it for now :]
part 2 will be coming soon, (i'll show you guys how each of them look)
Thanks for Reading! Please comment below on what your favorite pink lip product is, reccomend me something :D i've been wanting to get some more pink lip products to add to my collection .....thanks :p

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click here (and be sure to be on my blog, not reading from the google reader, thanks ^_^ then click it) heres the site:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beauty Product Review: Hanskin Glossy Magic BB cream

Ordered this online here: hmart What it says it can do: "carries moisture to the skin, makes the skin velvet-soft, boosts the resilience of skin, and covering skin imperfectiopns, concealing dermal blemish, helps skin rejuvenation, prevents concealing dermal blemish and helps skin rejuvenation. It can whiten the skin, give nutrition, moisture, detox, and calms the skin."

First Impressions:Ok so I was so happy that time when I came (I already have been using this for a long sorry for the late review! ...but anyways continuing..) so I was super happy :) when it came, At first when I saw the dark color I was a bit scared that It was going to make my face look darker, I had no idea why it claimed to be brightening and whitening the face when it comes in such a dark color (lol... :] sorry guys, if u didnt know yet, but I really am a super duper super duper beginner in makeup, I'm better in skincare...but Im learning from all of you great blogger out there, which are such makeup!!!) So well at first I thought that I had wasted my $28 dolllars on this $*it but....I guess not! After apply on my face ...OMG I fell in love with BB cream, From then on I am officially a BB cream maniac, no kidding, I'm officially like now totally obsessed with these BB creams, they are just so amazing awesome!!!

Now for what you've all been waiting for....TA DA

My Review on this product: First off have to tell you guys a little about my skin,
-I have Combination skin
-only a little bit of pimples on forehead, but occasionally have more (when my period come...-_-)
-Middle Fair colored skin (meaning I'm tying to get fair, hahaha...but not quite there, I'm not pale..just a little fair skin toned :p) and have Yellow undertone

Ok well when I applied the product it was so amazing like MAGIC it turned my skin to be brighter and gave me this glow, and had a shimmery feeling, when I looked closely I could actually see these little glitter on my skin, its subtle and I really love it, It makes my skin better, It helps those annoying red pimples that I get occasionally!!! It balances out my skin tone, and it really does what it says...It also kind of hides my dark circles, just a little bit, not a whole lot (but thats because I have hereditary dark circles...) But I'm sure for you guys who just have those dark circles from partying too much and not getting enough beauty sleep, u would be fine...Im pretty sure it would be able to cover it just fine ^_^ what else can I say I just LOVE this BB cream!!

I totally recommend to everyone!

Just one thing...for those of u that will go & buy this bb cream, remember to always put SPF (sunblock!) even if its raining! I'm not even kidding, seriously! :]

ok well hope that this review helped! and I'll try my best to do a evern more detailed review with pictures! Sorry my LOVELY FOLLOWERS!!! Ive been so away lately, school is so stressful, and (and hey!*update* >_< to those that know about my crush thing....with my best guy friend, I've been a bit confused lately, he's been really awkward lately, and I dont think i have any hope at all....He's been talking about "Oh wow, shes so hot...." straight in front of my face... , he's been doing that alot lately, I asked some of my friends, they said its like a signal or something...they said that hes trying to get my attention or something.....or is he ? x_x Im so confused , my head hurts...and yet he's still so funny always making me laugh, and yet sometimes so weird, lately saying stuff like this when I walk by him, then he would be like "oww...u stepped on me..oww, it hurts"(when in reality i didnt...)then I would be like.."pfh...yah right stop faking it, and kick him, jokingly (not even really hard)...>_<" hahaha ....but then he would act as if it hurts alot .....and when I do something like if were finishing class, and class is over, then I have to put away the chair, out of everyone, he could help, he picks me and helps me get the chair to put it nice.....yet how can I ever say those 3 words, (no, not I love u....its not to that point yet, even though it is kind of....but it would be way to hard for me, but just how would i say to him that "I like u" ) My friends, told me that it would be hard for me to be the one chasing a guy .....and it would be hard for me to make the first move...Its always been the guys that should do the first move...or should they?? )Please HELP ME!! Im seriously confused, dont know what i should do, any tips or even a little advice will help me big time!, thanks!!! love all of u!

Beauty Product Review: Shills Perfect Brightening BB cream

Yay my first beauty products review....
Okay heres what got me interested with this product

" Experience the brilliant brightness of a real Swarovski crystal casted on a classic pink designed bottle. A star rises amongst the various facial foundations.
The BB foundation crème turns into micro water droplets when applied; this promotes faster absorption and forms a water-lock soft film on the skin.
It moisturizes skin and controls oil shine at the same time. Experience a “light”, “transparent” and "bright” perfect skin; achieve a flawless make-up complexion just like a ceramic doll.

Shills Ceramic BB Flawless Foundation is a must-have for your make-up. With a light pink tone and 3D pearlescent pigments, it helps to modify flaws on the skin, face looks brilliant and glossy after application, a definitely show for a perfect face."

wow..right? lets see, if it really does what it says its supposed to do

My Review
I was happy when it came in a sweet package ...I had to order it online here:
(its a really great site, cheaper than many other sites on buying Taiwan beauty products, I recommend this site for people that dont live in Taiwan)

okay so when I go it , reading the usage, it says "Usage: Use after your basic skin care routine. Can be used as a concealer, make-up foundation or a UV protects cream. Can be applied to hands and legs too."
So I started using it in the morning before going off to school :] I got a quarter size and applied it evenly onto my entire face. Looking at the mirror and seeing my compleaxion was great it gotten brighter and as I looked closer I could really see glitter like effects. The moisture is perfect for my combination skin, so I believe it would be great for about all skin types. But the bad thing about it is that it does not hide my dark circles, it helps my pimples because I dont really have that much, I just have small pinples on my forehead. It covers a little bit, not much ..its just a sheer coverage so dont think of it as soing wonders. But seriously I love the smell, it has a light rose like smell. Overall its just okay, not the best bb cream, but its good enough for the price.

I rate this a 3.5star/5star

Drama Review: They kiss again


Title: 惡作劇2 / 恶作剧2 / E Zuo Ju 2 Wen

English title: They Kiss Again

Episodes: 20

Broadcast period: 2007-Dec-16 to 2008-Apr-27

Air time: Sunday 22:00 to 23:30


The sequel of It Started With A Kiss begins with Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu's wedding and honeymoon. Even after marriage, they experience problems and interferences within their marriage such as mistaken pregnancy, misunderstandings, and new found jealousies. Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu switch to medical school to become nurse and doctor. During that time, Zhi Shu meets new rivals who wish to outdo him and Xiang Qin makes four new friends, and one of them likes her and wishes to replace Zhi Shu.

How will their lives turn out to be?


Ariel Lin as Yuan Xiang Qin

Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu / Evan

Jiro Wang as Jin Yuan Feng

Zhang Yong Zheng as Jiang Ah Li

Cyndi Chaw as Ah Li's wife

Tang Tsung Sheng as Yuan You Cai

Zhang Bo Han as Jiang Yu Shu

Cong Yang (崇洋) as teenage Yu Shu


Danson Tang as Ouyang Gan

Figaro Ceng as Yang Qi Tai

Cai Yi Zhen as Luo Zhi Yi

Jiang Pei Zhen (江佩珍) as Zhang Ni Na

Xiu Jie Kai as Zhou Chuan Jin

Ma Nian Xian (馬念先) as Du Ze Sen

Hu Pei Ying (胡珮瑩) as Zhao Qing Shui

Zhu De Gang as Zhang Xi Hen

Former Classmates

Jason as Wang Hao Qian

Tiffany Xu as Pei Zi Yu

Candice Liu as Liu Nong

Petty Yang as Lin Chun Mei

Kitamura Toyoharu as Qing Yu

Lin Jia Yu (林珈妤) as childhood Lin Hao Mei

Meng Geng Ru (孟耿如) as teenage Lin Hao Mei


Rui Sha (瑞莎) as Christine Robinson

Senda Aisa as Mary

Gu Xuan Chun as Ah Qiao

Wang Zi as Ah Nuo

Aaron Yan as Ah Bu

Billie as Ah Bu's mother

Joelle Lu as Jun Ya's mother

Guan Jia Yun (關嘉芸) as Zhang Jun Ya

Qiu Xiu Min (邱秀敏) as Qiu Wang Yao

Lin Xiao Rong (黎兒/粼筱蓉) as Xu Qiu Xian

Qu You Ning


Guan Cong (關聰) as Zhi Shu's grandfather

Lin Yu Feng (林裕豐) as Xiang Qin's uncle

Production Credits

Producer: Chen Zhi Han 陳芷涵 / Jerry Feng 馮家瑞 / Wang Xin Gui 王信貴

Director: Qu You Ning

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Review First of all you should definitely first watch It started with a kiss before watching this...if thats what you havent done then hurry and go watch it: here, quick...its a great drama dont miss out

okay so my thoughts about this, as always start off with my first impression , again for some reason it made me feel really annoyed with that girl and that guy when xiang qin and zhi shu was at the island, but then again since its a comedy things may not seem to be the way many of us want to see it as...all the romance and some conflicts make this drama it now!

the beggining seems to be lagging and takes a while but its worth waiting since there are so many new actors in this drama look below their so zi( as Ah nuo)
and the main charcters

Lastly I give this drama a 5star/5star


Drama Review: It started with a kiss


Title: 惡作劇之吻 / 恶作剧之吻 / E Zuo Ju Zhi Wen
English Title: It Started With A Kiss
Genre: Romance / Comedy
Episodes: TV: 20, DVD: 30
Broadcast network: CTV / GTV
Broadcast period: 2005 Sep 25 - 2006 Feb 12
Air time: Sundays 22:00 to 23:30
Opening theme song: Say U Love Me by Jason and Lara
Ending theme song: E Zuo Ju by Wan Lan Yin
Insert songs: See It Started with a Kiss OST
Related shows: It Started With A Kiss 2
Ariel Lin as Yuan Xiang Qin 袁湘琴
Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu 江直樹
Jiro Wang as Jin Yuan Feng 金元豐
Tiffany Xu as Pei Zi Yu 裴子瑜
Cyndi Chaw as Ah Li's wife / Jiang Zhao Zi
Zhang Yong Zheng as Jiang Wan Li
Tang Cong Sheng as Yuan You Cai
Zhang Bo Han as Jiang Yu Shu
Liu Rong Jia as Liu Ya Nong
Yang Pei Ting as Lin Chun Mei
Jason as Wang Hao Qian 王皓謙
Bianca Bai as Bai Hua Lan
Qian De Men as Direct Bai
Lai Zhi Wei as Du Jian Zhong
Wu Wen Hong as Ah Hong
Wang Di Jun as Zhang Lang
Chen Bo Zheng as Kong Ling Yang
Yao Cai Ying as Wen Zhen Guan
Hong Jiao Nang as Yang Da Xin / Xiang Qin's teacher
Lee Shiau Shiang as Chang Wu Ren
Yan Ya Lun as Chun Mei's boyfriend, Ah Bu
Yvonne Yao as Zhi Shu's teacher
Kitamura Toyoharu
Producer: Chen Zi Han 陳芷涵 / Jerry Feng 馮家瑞 / Qi Yang Lin 齊鍚麟 / Wang Xin Gue 王信貴
Director: Qu You Ning
Screenwriter: Qi Yang Lin 齊鍚麟
After an earthquake destroyed Xiang Qin's house, she and her father moved in with the family of her father's college buddy, Uncle Ah Li. To her surprise, the kind and amicable aunt and uncle are the parents of her cold and distant schoolmate Jiang Zhi Shu, a genius with an IQ of 200 whom not too long ago rejected her endless crush on him. Will the close proximity give her a second chance to win Zhi Shu's heart? Or, will her love for him end under his cold words? What happens when there is competion for his heart?
The series was based on the Japanese shoujo manga "Itazura na kiss" (Mischievous kiss) by Tada Kaoru. The are 23 volumes of the manga. There is no ending for the manga; the series was still running in Margaret when the author passed away at the age of 38 from a brain aneurysm.
Itazura na Kiss (TV Asahi, 1996) is the Japanese adaptation.
The filming of It Started with a Kiss lasted one entire year. Some scenes were filmed in different seasons, which resulted in many goofs.
The director, Qu You Ning, made two cameos in the drama: One as the fat, middle age woman on a bus who accuses Ah Jin was taking advantage of her and another as Zhi Shu's boyfriend in Xiang Qin's imagination (birthday gift giving scene).
The sequel is set to air in September 2007 due to the show's high ratings (60.1%, third most popular drama in the country) in Taiwan.
My Review
Ok, I'll start off with first impressions, when I started watching it I thought it looked pretty dumb of a drama, and I thought ...of boy another one of those really lame Taiwanese dramas, but then after watching one episode eek, I got addicted to it. (its a really funny drama) watch the first episode and you'll understand what i mean. its a bout this girl that really likes this guy and she finally decides on proposing and telling him that he likes her but haha ...something happens its really funny, watch it now!

a little fact: The main actress Ariel Lin is one of the best actors in Taiwan she won a goldlden bell for best actress. her acting skills are superb, shes awesome.

I rate this drama a 5star/5star


Thursday, July 9, 2009

New to this stuff o_o

Hi anyone...everyone,someone?,

well if your reading this, then i hope you can help me, since im new to this blogger thing, and these blogging stuff, just felt like making one because I've saw so many that were so pretty, and I wanted to make one. Saw other blogs that had these tutorials and diy on beauty i want to make my blog like that, and since im pretty much a drama fanatic , on this blog i will be having drama reviews and ratings. Hmm....lets see, what else....oh! also Im really am interested in buying and selling stuff, i ve seen how many blogs sell things at such cheap price, if you would like to sell something then just tell me, who knows I may probably be interested....(if so, remember to include picture(s) :) lastly, thanks for reading a bunch of my nonsense, and obvioulsy this blog will be filled with very very very random stuff from time to time, (o_O i know i know...its weird, stop making that face) ok thats it for today, my first post yay~~ -_-