Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy about Lady Gaga Hair Bow

Hey Everyone! I miss blogging so much...miss all of you
Recently so many things have happened, been busy w/school & sudden happening that caused me to go to hospital stuff but yeah its all better now, so I can get back to blogosphere
Well todays post is about Lady Gaga Hair Bow style & different variations of it..check it out!
Lady Gaga hair bow and her bow nails! Its so cute!!!

Paris Hilton? Wow...she's crazy about Lady Gaga hair bow too

This Is one of everyones favorite Japanese youtube hair tutorial guru
She does the bow and its sooo cute!Shes so talented!
Learn here (

Another Japanese Style of it
With some purple highlights..awesome!

Love it....It looks so great for Red hair too
hahaha I kinda want my hair red :)

More Japanese Style
Arent they just so Kawaii ne~

Fans of her hair now style even made a Polyvore!

Ok but now this is even more awesome!
A cupcake!!!!
And Last But Not Least
Lady Gaga Barbie!

Thats all for today! Thanks for all my followers!!
Thank you all for always supporting me
And thanks my subscribers & Readers
Hope you have a Wonderful Week
Have a great day ^.^

Leave a comment if you wish
I wanna know
What do you think about the Hair Bow?
LOve it...or No
If yes would you try it
or have you tried it already?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm so in LOVE with Long Dresses

Valentines is just a few days away! I'm so excited....I dont even know why....I mean the guy I like definitely doesnt like me....I mean he does, but like only as a friend :/ so well I dont know maybe just because , I cant wait to see all my friends get cards and chocolate and best of all Flowers from their love :) But well best of all I cant wait to dress up for valentines day!

Ok so this is my dream dress!!! Seriously I'm so in LOVE with this one, its so gorgeous!

Well this one is so hot, very sexy dress LOL
I love the popping and bright color!

This one is so pretty too Yellowish green flowy dress

This one is so pretty too, I love the neck part its so special
Black & White is always a classic, always a great combination

This dress is super cute
Like a Rock princess

This is such a prettiful dress
The flower and lace like pattern , design is so nice!

Now I want to hear from you!
Do you love long dresses?
If yes
Which one do you like
or is there another one you'd like to show me...please!
If not
What types of dresses do you like?

Have a wonderful Day! Wish you Happy early Valentines day

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Giveaway Winner Announced

Hello everyone! so sorry for lack of blogging! Sorry that this took a while so here were the people that have joined my giveaway, I was suprised that I have 140 entries! So here it is, I though it would be fun to make the list randomized ! (That way its more fair :)

There were 140 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Ana Rita
  2. Parisky
  3. Shanghainese Dumpling
  4. Gabriela
  5. Patti
  6. Parisky
  7. Angela
  8. Gabriela
  9. Patrícia Xará
  10. Lynette
  11. Gabriela
  12. Parisky
  13. Patrícia Xará
  14. Gabriela
  15. quidnunc!
  16. Angela
  17. Ana Rita
  18. shalamaryta
  19. turtle.egg91
  20. Angela K.
  21. xSplendidStar
  22. Style Wins
  23. *~kAy~*
  24. Parisky
  25. Angela K.
  26. rhaindropz
  27. Emmi
  28. xSplendidStar
  29. Patrícia Xará
  30. shalamaryta
  31. Parisky
  32. Gabriela
  33. ~Lisa
  34. YJia
  35. Kym
  36. Diane
  37. Kittenish
  38. YJia
  39. shalamaryta
  40. ~Lisa
  41. Patrícia Xará
  42. Ana Rita
  43. Kym
  44. evie
  45. Ana Rita
  46. Gabriela
  47. xSplendidStar
  48. Miss K. You
  49. Kittenish
  50. ~Lisa
  51. ♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥
  52. Parisky
  53. shalamaryta
  54. evie
  55. Angela K.
  56. Lu
  57. Miss K. You
  58. Angela
  59. xSplendidStar
  60. Kittenish
  61. Style Wins
  62. Patrícia Xará
  63. Angela K.
  64. Shop N' Chomp
  65. ~Lisa
  66. Patti
  67. Patti
  68. Patrícia Xará
  69. shalamaryta
  70. Kittenish
  71. Angela
  72. shalamaryta
  73. Emmi
  75. TJ Lubrano
  76. Kym
  77. Patti
  78. Style Wins
  79. Patrícia Xará
  80. EVA S
  81. ~Lisa
  82. xSplendidStar
  83. Angela
  84. xSplendidStar
  85. Kittenish
  86. june_spirit2628
  87. ~Lisa
  88. *~kAy~*
  89. Gabriela
  90. Kym
  91. Angela K.
  93. EVA S
  94. ~Lisa
  95. Ana Rita
  96. Parisky
  97. Style Wins
  98. xSplendidStar
  99. xSplendidStar
  100. shalamaryta
  101. YJia
  102. Kittenish
  103. Kittenish
  104. shalamaryta
  105. ~Lisa
  106. shalamaryta
  107. Patti
  108. Patrícia Xará
  109. ♥akisa♥
  110. turtle.egg91
  111. Kym
  112. Kittenish
  113. xSplendidStar
  114. Naka
  115. june_spirit2628
  116. Style Wins
  117. Denysia
  118. quidnunc!
  119. *~kAy~*
  120. Lu
  121. EVA S
  122. Kasia_B
  123. Miss K. You
  124. Style Wins
  125. Kym
  126. Patrícia Xará
  127. Lu
  128. Gabriela
  129. Kittenish
  130. Patti
  131. Angela
  132. Angela
  133. hevn
  134. Angela
  135. Sarah Lynne
  136. ~Lisa
  137. DEBIJOT
  138. Angela
  139. Emmi
  140. Angela K.
So well now! Its the time...My giveaway winner is
True Random Number Generator
44 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Congrats to
44.evie EVIE!!! Please e-mail me with your address :)

Dont worry if you didnt win! !!!

Get a free samples here! (
Enter there special valentines giveaway (but hurry giveaway ends on the 7th)

Wait dont go yet! Plus+ I'll be posting on some more giveaways so well dont forget to check out my other blog For more great stuff!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

My giveaway ended & Want to be in a magazine?

My giveaway has ended and I will be announcing the giveaway winner soon!
Sorry for not posting soon, Im busy with my school stuff

I dont know if you guys know about this but well I mean, I'm pretty sure most of you, except for my new followers/subscribers know that I'm a vegetarian

But well, I have made a vegetarian club and I'm like the President of the club :>


Also I'm a Beauty Editor of this other club in my school
(Currently working on a layout, a page on "New Hairstyles")
So If you have any pictures of your lovely hairstyle and would like to let me publish on the magazine that we are going to make please kindly send me a e-mail at

Thanks!!! greatly appreciated

Sorry with the lack of photos, this post was no well stay tuned I'll be posting soon on beauty DIY and Product reviews, art, and More giveaways!

Have a wonderful day!