Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy about Lady Gaga Hair Bow

Hey Everyone! I miss blogging so much...miss all of you
Recently so many things have happened, been busy w/school & sudden happening that caused me to go to hospital stuff but yeah its all better now, so I can get back to blogosphere
Well todays post is about Lady Gaga Hair Bow style & different variations of it..check it out!
Lady Gaga hair bow and her bow nails! Its so cute!!!

Paris Hilton? Wow...she's crazy about Lady Gaga hair bow too

This Is one of everyones favorite Japanese youtube hair tutorial guru
She does the bow and its sooo cute!Shes so talented!
Learn here (

Another Japanese Style of it
With some purple highlights..awesome!

Love it....It looks so great for Red hair too
hahaha I kinda want my hair red :)

More Japanese Style
Arent they just so Kawaii ne~

Fans of her hair now style even made a Polyvore!

Ok but now this is even more awesome!
A cupcake!!!!
And Last But Not Least
Lady Gaga Barbie!

Thats all for today! Thanks for all my followers!!
Thank you all for always supporting me
And thanks my subscribers & Readers
Hope you have a Wonderful Week
Have a great day ^.^

Leave a comment if you wish
I wanna know
What do you think about the Hair Bow?
LOve it...or No
If yes would you try it
or have you tried it already?


  1. I love the hairbow and would love to try it! I love them nails too!

  2. Omg, love the Barbie...hee hee! I like it but doubt I'd ever try it. XD I'm sorry to hear you were in the hospital, Emily. *hugs* Hope it wasn't serious.

  3. gah i saw xiaxue's tutorial on this one! i really like it but I can't do it on my hair since I have layers :(

  4. I LOVE Lady Gaga and her hair bow! I think it's so cute! I don't think I could pull it off though :P

  5. That hair bow is so cool...but I think I wouldn't try that on., except maybe at special event? :) I personally think Lady Gaga looks the best in this hair bow style... Looks weird on Paris. XD Have a great day!

  6. glad you are back and feeling better :) i love the gaga bow too but don't think i can pull it off!

  7. awwwww too pretty!i LOVE her nail also!omg how can she pull all these things off!lady gaga!
    i hate(envy) u!lol

  8. I love it on her....she's the only one who can pull that look...but I love the bow nails more....have you been sick??hope all is well now....take care...

  9. I can't believe how popular the hair bow thing has become!

  10. i love the hair bow but my hair has too many layers and it soo short to try it :p

  11. perfect compilation of hair bows! just one last one is needed what i believe... to be the first ever... hair bow :)

  12. OMG OMG! I would soooo try it!
    I love the nails too!
    I love bows! Especially in meh scene hair!
    That is so yay! DEF NOT NAY! I love it!

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