Monday, February 1, 2010

My giveaway ended & Want to be in a magazine?

My giveaway has ended and I will be announcing the giveaway winner soon!
Sorry for not posting soon, Im busy with my school stuff

I dont know if you guys know about this but well I mean, I'm pretty sure most of you, except for my new followers/subscribers know that I'm a vegetarian

But well, I have made a vegetarian club and I'm like the President of the club :>


Also I'm a Beauty Editor of this other club in my school
(Currently working on a layout, a page on "New Hairstyles")
So If you have any pictures of your lovely hairstyle and would like to let me publish on the magazine that we are going to make please kindly send me a e-mail at

Thanks!!! greatly appreciated

Sorry with the lack of photos, this post was no well stay tuned I'll be posting soon on beauty DIY and Product reviews, art, and More giveaways!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. ahh i did a 30 day hair challenge if that's helpful? it was posted on

    yay beauty DIYs ^^