Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm so in LOVE with Long Dresses

Valentines is just a few days away! I'm so excited....I dont even know why....I mean the guy I like definitely doesnt like me....I mean he does, but like only as a friend :/ so well I dont know maybe just because , I cant wait to see all my friends get cards and chocolate and best of all Flowers from their love :) But well best of all I cant wait to dress up for valentines day!

Ok so this is my dream dress!!! Seriously I'm so in LOVE with this one, its so gorgeous!

Well this one is so hot, very sexy dress LOL
I love the popping and bright color!

This one is so pretty too Yellowish green flowy dress

This one is so pretty too, I love the neck part its so special
Black & White is always a classic, always a great combination

This dress is super cute
Like a Rock princess

This is such a prettiful dress
The flower and lace like pattern , design is so nice!

Now I want to hear from you!
Do you love long dresses?
If yes
Which one do you like
or is there another one you'd like to show me...please!
If not
What types of dresses do you like?

Have a wonderful Day! Wish you Happy early Valentines day


  1. i love the yellow green dress zhang ziyi is wearing, it looks so sweet and bright, very feminine! :)

  2. i love the pink and the red one =)

  3. I'm liking the 4th & black cuz' it looks so elegant....BTW....don't forget to enter my giveaway....XOXO...Happy Valentines**Loves**

  4. Loving the lace dress, I love long dresses, there just so elegant!

  5. i love the rock princess one and flower yellow one is very pretty ^^

    hope u ahve a good time

  6. I'm liking the red dress, soooo elegant and sexy ^_^

  7. aw the pink one is indeed very lovely :3

  8. Oooo good taste, i love most of the dresses shown, very very pretty!

  9. Full length dresses are always so pretty and dramatic, sadly there's so few chances to ever wear them!

  10. Wow, they are all so lovely! I heart the pink one the most. :D

    P.S Thank you for dropping by with some love, Emily! <3<3<3

  11. Those dresses are so pretty! I love the last two the most :) Thanks for sharing them with us!

  12. Wow amazing dresses!!!! I can't even choose anymore >_<


  13. I'm loving the first two dresses! You have a good eye ;) Thank you for your sweet compliments and coming by to visit Emily, I'll finally be able to return to blogging now..yay! I'm just happy I got through most of my exams already, although there's one more coming up this week. How have you been doing?

  14. I lvoe the last dress very much *___*
    Sadly, there aren'T so many events to wear long dresses ;_;

  15. Ohhh very pretty dresses! I don't think I could wear a long dress unless I had some very tall high heels on!

    I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I'm sorry to hear that the guy you like likes you as a friend and not the way you want, but sometimes, some guys are better as friends! =)

  16. Wow I think the green one looks awesome, even though I usually don't like green!*-*