Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crafts:Something I made~ pink puppy

Im new to these crafty and handmade stuff,im more into drawing , this is something I made a while ago out of baby socks , learned it from my most awesome Art teacher!

Yup, so its not that good this is my first time making it so anyone wanna give me tips on how to improve and make it better (comments are greatly appreciated! thanks for reading)


  1. I think u did a great job,it's really cute^^

  2. awwwww so cute!!!! love it <3

  3. So cute!! Your Puppy should meet my Lab Monkey.

    See ya later girl

  4. you did a great job! so cute!! <3 Rina

  5. what a cool art teacher! i wish i could learn how to make sth like this! :P
    i think it's quite cute already :P