Monday, August 24, 2009

My Third Blogger buddie award: from Aralka third award, and its a blogger Buddie award
Thanks so much Aralka!
Check out her lovely blog here

I pass this award onto:

Naka(check out her blog!
Gale(check out her blog!
Sofia(check out her blog!
Funkiimonkee(check out her blog!
Adin(check out her blog!
Kalmo(check out her blog!
Mandy(check out her blog!

And I want to thank all my lovely followers , thanks for following! you guys are the reason for me to wanna write more and more and more :] Thanks for all of your continued support, helps me alot!


  1. Thank u emily....I'm glad to be your blogger buddie...:D

  2. Congrats on your blogger awards:]

  3. Congrats on this third blogger buddies award Emily! Thank you for giving this award as well, it means a lot. I'm off to check out all the blogs you linked! ^^

  4. lovely blog and layout.

    __ brrrrr......

  5. Hi again!

    About the peach cleanser, it smells great! The Kracie cleanser makes my skin feel squeaky clean... too clean! haha I feel like it strips me of too much moisture and I do not use it everyday or else my skin would be too try and produce even more oil to make up for it. I use it only when I am extremely oily after a hike/workout (maybe twice a month) or when I'm too lazy to use my oil cleanser to take off my makeup. It may work better for your skin type though. :D

  6. Hi sis! Thank you!
    BTW that was Filipino, I'm sorry you couldn't understand.


    Thanks for the award!