Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Day of Summer, School tomorrow

NOOOO! Today is the last day of SUMMER for me.......So, for some weird reason, the first thing I thought of was this picture (lol, im the one on the top, next to the "ghost" lol)Me and my friends were bored , so we thought of going to CUE so that we would go take some weirdo pictures of ourselves, and look at those pics to laugh at ourselves when were feeling down.......(okay but now, im still sad , this picture isnt really helping me much..)
Sooooo, I got bored and edited my picture, to make it look like how I'm feeling now which is GLOOMY (bleh )

okay but I guess I'm pretty sad right now, because I'm going to miss summer 09
this is probably the last summer that I'm going to spend with my best friends and my family in California, because next year on I'd probably be somewhere else

what I'm going to MISS

1a) San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden
(it is so pretty)

1b)San Francisco Random stuff (haha my favorite of course,
I LOVE random things)

1c) San Francisco transport: gosh I love how I can walk everywhere
seriously everywhere, and just ride the bus or the cable cars,
as u can see on the pic above, its so FUN!

2)Road Trips and the BEACH!
3) Music , Live performances on the street, especially
acoustic(my favorite!)
gosh, i love his voice(the one singing
in the middle),
it was 3rd avenue close to santa monica beach
4a) SHOPS! (anthropologie is so pretty)

4b) Shops! Forever 21,( one of my favorite stores)
gorgeous clothes at a decent price :]

5) HOLLYWOOD!! i miss seing the celebrities stars , it was very fun
GAH~ But now its all over, I feel like I have to walk up these stairs, I have to work hard this year, eventhough, it is my last year of high school but still , theres still so much to do :[ Right now, it is so HOT, and I heard tomorrow is super hot too, Theres a fire up in the mountains, I can see it :O its pretty scary

OH well I still have to get ready for tomorrow be happy.....(yah right-_-), first day of school, I hope I can still look at least OKAY, (hehe ^_^ I'm thinking of putting on some PINK and being girly tomorrow)

*muah* THANKS TO ALL OF YOU LOVELY LADIES! being a follower of my random blog means alot to me,I cant believe I have 50 followers! :o
I will be adding more fun posts

THANKS!!! i hope tomorrow goes well, wish me good luck
(I mean at least I hope I dont trip, or fall , I do that alot x_x)
LASTLY heres a video, of a part of a TAIWAN drama roseate love, watch it, in the beginning the song is so great, but so sad, i dont know why, but I actually CRIED :[

well thats it for now, thanks for reading!


  1. Goodluck on your first day of school!!!just enjoy your last year in HS...

  2. San Francisco is my favorite city in California!!! I could live there forever! I love the tea garden and the street performers, such an inspiration! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)
    I love that movie too!
    Boho Market

  3. thanks for the award! <3

    unfortunately, i didn't get in psychology. D:! i missed the schedule changes and now i'm stuck with clay and sculpting. i guess it would be a fun class. .if the teacher wasn't so dull.

    have a good first day of classes! i cant wait until im a senior. :/ i wish we had a CUE in oklahoma!

    oo. the lipgloss is gorgeous! what brand is it?


  4. hey emily!!
    summer's ending so quickly for you! I still have 2 more weeks hehe~
    Wow! I am in my last year of high school too :) I totally know what you mean~~ have to work extra hard this year !!

  5. dear, you know what i missed?

    ..my HS days!!!

    muah..enjoy schooling

    love lots,

  6. awwwww... i feel ur pain. everyone seems to be blogging bout back to school nowadays. BOOO for school!!! i miss frisco so much, makes me miss my boyfriend :( Im hoping to go back there in OCTOBER!!! good luck with school hun!

  7. Have a great first day of school Emily!

    You guys look adorable in that picture. ^^ I love your list of things you're going to miss in CA. I like climbing the moon bridge in the Japanese Tea Garden! XD

  8. have a good day at school tomorrow!!! i'm sure Fall 09 will be even better than summer hehe

  9. a forever 21 needs to open in UK!

    I hope first day back is good. I'm going back to my last year too!

    Lovely pictures by the way

  10. waaah TT_TT Why summer vacations are so short, haha. My school starts on the 1st of September. So you won't be alone. I will miss summer too. but let's do our best!

  11. Don't be sad! think of positive! I know you can make your sad day happy ^_^

  12. oh wow amazing photos
    i wanna go SF one day!!

    p.s all the best!!!

  13. I love and miss San Francisco! hay :/ Theres always something interesting to see! I just love love love that place! And anthropologie always catches my eye hehe. Goodluck with school! :)

  14. Hope you had a good first day of school!! :)

  15. hope you have a great year hun! don't be sad! ^^

  16. anthropologie has amazing decor

  17. Ur purikura look so cute^^The pictures u posted are really beautiful ..
    Good luck with school and I am giving u the Expressions of You Award + Kreative Awrd..enjoy~

  18. I just spammed you on your chatbox, oops im sorry! But its me again harhar ^_^
    Omg the pictures above are so pretty! San fraciso? Looks amazing, i really want to go! Haha you make me jelous, America is so big, its a ball of beautyness (thats word right O_o) haha. Ah i so dont want to go for school, Summer has gona so fast!! Goodluck though, i go back to school in another 2 weeks!

    Waah that lip colour is so pretty! Honestly pink lips look stupid on me, i'm a nude lip person i look dead with it, but me and bright lips = nononono!!

    Byeee, speak to you soon ;)

    Jess! xxx

  19. i was just dropping by,
    and thought that your photos were quite cute.
    i love looking through people's photo diaries, and i especially liked your "gloomy" photo of yourself-except it was just so cute, not gloomy at all;]

  20. I'm gonna miss Summer so much! *sigh*

  21. Thanks For Sharing!!!