Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hollywood: part 3 Shopping continued

Hey everyone! Hope all of you are having a wonderful week so far. This post is a continuation to my Hollywood part 2: shopping post if you haven read that read it here (click) Well here are some more shops, check it out! First shop is MAC!! *love*

Sorry ....I dont remeber what this store was >_<

haha now...guess what this is, it looks so pretty and mysterious :)

Ta Da....yep thats it....I knew you'd guess it right! Its a resturant!! So pretty, it makes me feel like France or Italy or somewhere in Europe, lol....that guy sitting there waved at me when I took a second picture, and the waitress person even came over and was like "Hi welcome to...." I was all ready to leave, i felt bad a bit guilty :p

Wow look, two of my fave characters Mickey and Minnie!!

It looks so pretty, I took a picture later that day when I went on top of this building place the view was so nice (and very scary when I looked at the fact that I was on a very tall building)
But I just focused on the stars there very pretty when you look down at them

And on the right side of it is this


&UP !!!

& UP again! lol, has anyone watched it?

Well thats it for today, the Hollywood Part 4 will be coming soon!! As always I'd really like to thank all of you for reading my blog, and giving me such sweet comments!! And also Thanks for following me!! So great to know that people actually like reading my random posts :)

Good Night~ (well to the people in U.S......but I guess its probably Good Morning o_o or Good afternoon?? I dont know, tell me what is right)I love hearing from you! Leave a comment :]


  1. I've never been to hollywood & it's nice to see your post about your trip..I love going to disney stores...I feel like a kid again whenever I'm there.....goodnight!!!

  2. u really make me wanna go to hollywood !lol
    good afternoon !hehe

  3. looks like you had an amaaaaaazing time! hahah i did similar about my trip to the carribean had it in parts, that shows that we both thoroughly enjoys our vacation! =D

  4. your hollywood posts made me wanna go shopping. i need some retail therapy after all the craziness that just happened to me. i was just in hollywood last halloween ;)

  5. Oh the MAC store, that must have been nice. I have never used their products however haha.

    That would be difficult to leave after being waved at and talked to by a waitress. I probably would have got stuck eating there haha^^

  6. great photos
    looks like a great place
    wish i could go :3

  7. Ooh, I think that second pic is the Duty Free Store? Not sure, just guessing. I wanna go to that Disney store now! :)

  8. sweet photos!! never been to hollywood, but would love to :) the mickey and minnie mouse sign is so adorable!

  9. I loved UP! watched it in 3d, it was great...