Sunday, November 22, 2009

Celebrity Birthdays in November

Hey everyone, again want to thanks all of you that had left such sweet comments in wishing me a happy birthday! Thank you all of you are so sweet. This post is on some celebrities (asian) that share the same birthday month as me! Some hotties, really hot guys and really pretty girls!
1)First off is Aaron Yan ! Crazy but true, he has the same birthday as me!
Aaron is so cute!! He's a Taiwan Celebrity, He is a singer in a pretty popular band called Fahrenheit, and he acted in a a couple of dramas

2)2nd celebrity is a cutie
Kanata Hongo, His Birthday already past it was November 15 and he turned 19 years just 2 years older then me! He's super cute

Kanata Hongo is a Japanese actor and model. He is part of Stardust Talent agency and has appeared several times in music videos, movies, TV series, and magazines.He was a anime character Ryoma Echizen in the The Prince of Tennis, and became even more widely known when he was cast as Shin in Nana 2.

3) Ryo Nishikido!His birthday passed too, was November 3 and he turned 25. He is pretty HOT :) Does he look familiar?(*hint hint...drama watchers*)

Did u guess right, now do you know who he is, yes no, maybe so? Well he is a Japanese actor and singer. He is a member of the J-pop groups Kanjani8 and News from Johnny's Entertainment.He was in a really popular drama called 1 litre of tears! It was a really :( sad drama based on a true story

4)Se7en ! Love him too, He's so hot too :) Love his music lots. His birthday passed too, it was November 9, He turned 25 also

se7en is a South Korean pop/R&B singer. He began training under a management agency YG Entertainment at the age of fifteen. After four years of training in voice and dance, he made his debut in 2003 and became successful throughout Asia.

5)Lee Dong Wook omg he is cute! very hot...! He's one of my favorite male actors.His birthday is November 6, he just turned 28, yah kinda ols but still super cute
Lee Dong wook is a Korean actor. He is known as a hearthrob in Asia and has been in one of the most popular dramas My Girl. He has been voted the sexiest Korean male a few times as well.

6)Daniel Henney omg! he's is way hot, he's a mix! His birthday is November 28th, yay the only guy on this post that his birthday has not past :p
Daniel Henney is a is a Korean-American actor and model.

Now the girls

1) Koda Kumi ! I think she's pretty, and love her nails!! Her birthday was on November 13, she just turned 27
Koda Kumi is a Japanese singer and songwriter from Kyoto, known for her urban and R&B songs.

2)And lastly Song Hye Kyo! The Birthday Girl! Her Birthday is today...Novermber 22, she turns 28!Happy Birthday Song Hye Kyo!!!!
Song Hye Kyo is a South Korean model and actress. She is currenty a model for Laneige! A korean cosmetics and skincare brand! I think she is so pretty!! I really like her, wish I had such great skin as her....She's like my inspiration >_<>

Well thats it for today thanks so much for reading! Thanks also to all of my lovely followers you guys are awesome! I never belived any one would actually like reading my random blog...thanks so much!!!


  1. ooh i'm liking the eye candies on this post!! "drools" haha (at the guys)

    for the photo effects I used this program

    i got it after seeing it on Fuzkittie's blog but it's all in chinese! i don't know chinese but i just messed around with it and figured it out some how haha

  2. OMG!!I love Lee Dong Wook & Song Hye kyo...I guess november babies are bunch of goodlooking peeps.....hehe....

  3. aaron yan has the same birthday as me! weee! haha ^_^

    I love Song hye kyo..she's really pretty even without makeup! :)

  4. Hi Emily!

    Happy late birthday! I'm so sorry about my lateness, I only returned to blogger today. Thank you so much for your lovely cbox comment, it means a lot that one of my BBB is checking up on me. :)

    I looooove Daniel Henney and all the girls you picked, very beautiful. I love Song Hye Kyo's skin too.

    Missed you! (hugs)

  5. Oh I am such a nerd haha, I love all the cute guy photos ^3^ This post is awesome! Oh and Lee Dong Wook doesn't look 28 at all, I would totally go out with him hehe^^

  6. I heart song hye kyo, she's so beautiful! and I drool over daniel henney :P


  7. Belated happy bday hun! Sorry i missed it! Anyway, my heart beats for daniel henney! he is sooo friggin hot! whew!!!

  8. i love daniel! and my birthday is the day before his hehehe...we are both saggis!

  9. NISHKIDO RYO!!!!<3 i LIKE!!!! XD