Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vending machines are fun! Theres so many!

How awesome is that? A sephora veding machine! I can't wait for this to happen, it would be so fun !!! What do you think? Like it >_
Well :) Hello everyone, sorry for not blogging for a couple of days, theres good news and bad news, first with the bad news I guess, :[ I was sick with a high fever and didnt go to school for like a day and now i have a sore throat, it really sucks, my friends cant even hear me eventhough she sits like right next to me.... It really sucks but well the good news is, yay!!! I found my camera, I found it in the random cabinet wrapped in a bag and even wrapped in my cardigan? how random is that??? lol, well I was just super happy yesterday, and kept taking bunch of pictures, so soon I'll be posting about my skin care and those beauty stuff and secrets and tips, that I have been messing around with and discovered and some hauls and My artwork , my collage! Finally....!!! Well anyways, todays posting is about Vending machines, I just recently noticed how great they are, seriously Its so fun!!! !! Ok here goes a bunch of different vending machines out there! >_< One of my favorite ones ! The shoe vending machine!!!

Whoa...lets see A robot vending machine, Hmm..I wonder if its gonna run around the city
Omg....the coffee vending machine!!!!

oohhh!!! yum, Ice Cream!!!!

Pizza!!!! vending machine so awesome
(But you know, this would be wayyy better if it came with a Vegetarian Pizza vending machine !!!!)

ok....Now here we have a human vending machine? Why couldnt it just be normal magazine vending machine, why the heck does the girl have to be there?? >_<>

The usual, and my favorite one when i was a kid, the toy vending machine

Aww...so pretty flower vending machine :) For the guys in a hurry to give there girl flowers

LMAO *_* I was laughing so hard this is ridculous, eggs!!!

Omg this is one of the cute ones too! Its a Umbrella vending machine...how awesome it that!
Ergghh... a awkward but uhmmm interesting....Its a lingerie vending machine x_x
Korea vending machine of Books :)
LOL Rent a Laptop ?_?
Aww..so cute Hello Kitty, Popcorn!
awesome ^_^ Camera Vending machine!
But now, even better! Ipod and other Apple gadgets vending machine!
The vending machine for the artist! Filled with art supplies, from stenciling kits to spray paints ...hahaha so fun :) makes buying so easy and quick

I wish there were some great vending machines around where I live ! So now I want to hear from you! What do you think? Which is your favorite vending machine?

Have a great day everyone! And Happy Holidays :D


  1. that so cool.
    so many different ones. some useful some not so, but their funny.
    The shoes one is cool
    Shan x

  2. Emily, I hope you're feeling all better now! Glad you found your camera =) those vending machines are so cool, I think my fav is probably the sephora one. The lingerie and shoes are a bit weird haha

  3. As a Coke fan, I totally want that robot here! :) Sorry to hear about the sore throat, sweetie. Feel better soon!

  4. wow so many cool vending machines!! the sephora one would be so dangerous for me haha

  5. hope you're feeling better emily...get well soon....and I love toy vending machines...

  6. Lol the Sephora one would be awesome! We have a Proactive vending machine at our mall :S It's kind of awkward haha!

  7. Lol awesomeness! I only have boring ones near me D: my fave has to be the pizza, nom nom nom!

  8. ipod vending machine? wow.

    hope you feel better!

  9. fav no doubt is the sephora vending machines!! great idea, since not much running cost for that comepany (hired staffs, rental, utilities bills) probably cost of products hopefully lower?!?! dream come true!

    xoxo elle

  10. I want the makeup vending machine in my room, haha! And the gachapon machines too^^

    I've tried the popcorn from that Hello Kitty machine, the serving is small but it tastes good.

  11. this has to be one of the coolest posts... like searious ly i love this

  12. I LOVE the Sephora machine! We have the iPod one in our mall : )

  13. COOOOOOL!!! Japan has so many cool shit! and I LOVE COKE! COKE > PEPSI

  14. This is such a great post Emily!! :)
    They are so cute, and some of them funny, but all brought smile to my face.
    Thanks for that!

  15. great post, love some of them esp the pizza one

  16. Hello Emily!

    I'm sorry for not replying to your post! :( It's been like a month since you commented, but I haven't had time to get back to you.

    Thank God the New Moon has tided over in Oklahoma! Actually, I went to go watch 2012 with my family over Thanksgiving break and I thought it was pretty good - yes, it was exaggerated and I teared up a bit. The ending wasn't so great, in fact, it ruined the movie for me.

    Have you watched The Blind Side yet? I want to watch Precious so bad, but it's not out in theaters anymore. :(

    I love vending machines! Especially the capsules one. <3 It's always a surprise to see what you'll get, but I hate it when I don't get the thing I want. XD

    I hope you have a good break and talk to you soon~


  17. thats a lot of vending machines
    wat did the human vending machine do?

  18. hi ^^
    oh wow! nice post! These machines are really cool.
    the one with eggs is really funny haha XD
    I am wondering how do the eggs go out from the machine. Aren't they broken?
    Hello kitty with popcorn <33 mm kawaii
    in Poland we don't have vending machines :<
    only sometimes with snacks and drinks...

  19. I'd love a Sephora vending machine!!

  20. Wow! Great post. Those vending machines are awesome. I wish I see some here where I'm from. lol. Japan has many cool vending machines. I would luv to visit japan someday. hehe.