Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Want to be Happy?

Hello everyone! Hope all of you had a wonderful Cyber Monday! Did u guys buy stuff and get great deals? Well todays post is on being happy! Yesterday I discovered a wonderful blog, and got invited and accepted the invitation. Now I am a contributor of This blog Happy Moments! Check it out, This blog is really awesome!!! (click on the first picture, the picture on the top to read my first post on the blog! Its really useful and helpful ^_^ or click here)

My first post on happy moments:(find out what i posted on find out now! *_*)

And Now Here are some things that make me happy!
Hope these will also make you happy!
Garfield >_<

Garfield is so cute and funny!
My favorite Comic character ^_^
Who's your favorite comic or Anime charater?

Thanks so much for reading!
I appreciate all of your lovely comments!!!
And also thank you my lovely followers!
You are the reason I keep on blogging


  1. Oh that's great that you got accepted to that website, it seems very lovely. I like Garfield too, I used to have so many Garfield books when I was little hehe.

    Thank you for writing this blog, I always enjoy reading it^^

  2. I posted on that other site but I loved it, loved it, loved it! :) Great job and congrats on being featured, Emily!

  3. I saw that video..I can never do that in 30 mins..what more in 5 mins...hehe...I guess a cartoon that makes me happy is spongebob...he is stupidly funny...:D

    Have a Happy wednesday!!!

  4. OMG that first video is quite amazing i must try that with my pants!!!! hahahahahaha

  5. love your post on 'Happy Moments'~~

    the kid and mum are so cute.. i wish i could get ready and out the house in 5 minutes. ha~~ x

  6. Hi Emily, little flower sounds cute! Is there a reason why you friends call you that? I just visited the Happy moments blog.. you post was so adorable :) definitely made me laugh!

  7. what a cute post! Have a lovely day as well!!

  8. Haha actually I have perfect vision too, the lenses are called Plano, they have no vision.^^
    I've never been in America, but I don't think Germany is better or worse...
    Make up is so expensive here, even drug store products!;__;