Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beauty product review: ~H2O+ Waterwhite Brightening Night Cream

Hello everyone! Wow, I havent blogged on beauty products for quite a long time! Sorry everyone, but I can't find my camera!! :( so yeah, I'm blogging on the photos that i took during summer, Due to my Short term memory that i think im gaining ....I have no idea where i hid my and to make things worse I have to try finding it at two places, My home and the salon *sigh* wish me good luck yeah? x_x well here goes todays beauty product review

what is said about the product, what it's supposed to do:
A rich, reparative skin-lightening cream formulated to diffuse benefits throughout the night, when skin cells are most receptive to renewal. Brightens complexion and evens skin tone, while helping improve skin texture and resilience. In the morning, skin looks and feels refreshed, energized, incredibly soft, smooth and supple.

Why I bought it:
I bought it that time mostly because of reading this review
"I already love it and it's only been two weeks. This will definately be one I keep in my daily regimine. I can see the difference on my skin discolorations and an evening out of the overall look of my face."
and also another review
"I have totally fallen in love with this product line. This night cream leaves my skin soft and radiant without greasy feeling. I can see my skin being more clarified than before! "

But now heres my review on it:
Well first off I'd like to tell you that once I use it, it was amazing for my comnination skin. I had always been in search of a real good moisturizer that actually helps for my oily t zone and dry cheek area. This really helps! Its amazing! Seriously once I put it onto my face, the moisture was perfect for my skin. And gradually in a couple of days I could really see the difference. My skin became softer , so basicaly I love this! I would recommend it for everyone to use! It can be used for all skin types. Check it out here at the site! Are you interested in buying it, if you are then your luck :) because right now its on sale for only $19.99 (If your interested in more sales & even giveaways or freebies be sure to check out my other blog Pink Savings!)
~H2O+ Waterwhite Brightening Night Cream

I give it a 4star/5star

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  1. awww hope u can find ur camera soon !
    i think we have this brand counter here

  2. Great review! Does it really whiten? Do you have before/after pics? :D

  3. thanks for the comment omg going to japan lucky u :3

    ive only cosplayed once
    twice if u include where I was a maid

    but its such fun :D
    thanks for the luck ^^

  4. Oh thanks for posting this nice review, I would love to try this product since my skin texture is terrible now. But I'm worried about my acne becoming worse by it ><

  5. I would love to try that cream! it sounds great!
    too bad it's not available here :(

  6. Hi Emily! great review, now I really want to try this hehe

  7. oo this mask looks interesting!!

    haha omg i hope you find your camera soon! you poor thing! I'd be really frustrated too if I can't find mine!

    lol I think ever since I started blogging, I've becoming more and more into HK related stuff, LOL. it's all good :)

  8. Hey Emily, thanks for the encouragement! Yup I can be very bad with procrastinating haha. Great review btw, I've always wondered how H2O products worked. I'm not sure whitening creams are so safe though.. I've read that some of them are like steroids and cause withdrawal?

  9. Thanks for the helpful review! Geh o_o; Don't think I can find it in sweden thoo XD

    And so sorry for the late reply! But I would love to show you some of my artwork! I do a post about it soon okay ^^<3

  10. i'll try this out. thanks for the review

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