Friday, January 1, 2010

Believing in Santa Claus (late post)

Hello everyone! so sorry for being away for a few days >_< style="color: rgb(204, 51, 204);"> so into the holiday season (my favorite holiday!) and I just didnt have the time to blog, but now I'm back & ready for the new year. But before posting about New Year, no way am I going to just skip what I wanted to post on about Christmas! So here goes...a late post but yeah....
Have any of you ever wondered why the heck we belived in Santa Claus? (Well I mean, most of us, belived in Santa Claus, when we were kids...but not all, but Im just saying, why such a huge percentage of childrens actually belive him) Why did we believe in a lie that was told by our parents , Why did we belive that on Christmas A old man wearing Red would climb down our chimney giving us what we wanted and what we wrote on our wishlist?

Why? Why? Why? ?_?

Well the answer really varies from different people. But for me I think Its possibly because we think of the story of christmas and how if we really are a good kid then it would be a reward for being so good that year, But then again maybe other reasons too

But so another question that I've been thinking of which is relating to Parenting

So Should parents lie to their childrens and say that Santa is real ? or should they just tell them straight out?

Study shows of different answers and it really vaires from the kid, but personally I think they should. When we are kids having that imagination and that make belive life and fairy tale and all those Once upon a time stories really is fun and adventurous. If we were to know all the truth and living somewhat like a grown up already then it would be pretty much dull and boring.

Eventhough after kids realise and find out that Santa is real most people accept the fact but some get really angry and mad, and only a tiny percentage feel betrayed

But well what do you think??? Did u belive in Santa Claus! (>_<>

So...what about Paris Hilton? well I read this article it says:

"In the spirit of the season, Paris Hilton has confessed to believing in Saint Nick until she was 16 years old!

Even now, at the tender age of 28, she still insists that her mother, Kathy Hilton , put out a stocking for Santa Claus on Christmas."

Hahahah I dont know why, but I think thats kind of cute! x_x

Well then now, lets read some funny letters Written to "Santa"!
(I actually wrote to Santa before too :p As a kid I wrote in saying how I was a really good kid, helping parents and always nice and helping others(all a lie) and wanted Pokemon cards *LOL*)

But now lets see how "Santa" replies to kids
(oh yeah and about that letter I wrote to santa, he didnt reply to me, Instead , His "ELF" replied to me, saying how santa is busy and wont be able to come over to my house this year....*LOL*, I remember how sad I was that year, hahaha but thinking back at it is pretty funny)

But "Santa" even has a template to make his life easier!

Other characters we as kids belived in

*TA DA* Rudolph the red nose reindeer!

& I think this is what future Christmas would be like! (its soo true)

And lastly easy steps on how to Draw Santa Claus!

Other versions of Sants Claus :)

Well thats it for now, I'd love to hear from all of you!

wish all of you the best! & may the new year...

2010 bring u great luck & have all of your dreams
+ wishes all come true!

Stay Tuned! My First giveaway will be posted soon!!!!


  1. Aw this post made me smile, personally I think because they wanted to make childhood really magical and stuff so they lied about santa. Also to make sure the kids are good too x

  2. lmao I love little johnny bless him :p

    happy new year ^^

  3. lol i never believed in santa...mb cuz my family didn't realy believe in it..and we lived in a condo when i was younger (so no where for santa to climb down) lol

    happy new yr emily!

  4. Ciao Sweetie!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!! Loved this post!! Esepcially the little Santa's at the end haha! I can't recall writing to Santa when I was little tho. I think I did, I don't have proof I did...hmm my memory is failing me hahaha. Oh shoot, I also can't recall how I felt when I found out that he didn't exist! I'm old!

    Oeh! What are you going to give away!! i'm curious ^_^!

    Take care and have a lovely day!!

  5. Do you know that I wrote to Santa before too??Haha..your post made me thinking of that moments.That time I was 12 years old and I wrote a letter to Santa but I did not knew Santa's mailing I pasted the letter outside my house hoping that Santa would be able to read them..Haha.How naive and great memory was that?

    Next morning I wake up,well...letter still there,and no sign of Santa too..

  6. I used to believe in santa.....and I have a 15 yo nephew who still does...hehe....