Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Attention Hello Kitty Fans! Hello Kitty has a Music Video?!

Hello Kitty makes a video! Omg, wow...Well I was looking around Yahoo! and found on Yahoo music page about all these singers like Lady Gaga and all these other singers, then I see about how Hello Kitty makes a Video called The World is saying Hello Kitty! LOL >_< Watch it now by clicking on the picture below
I thinks its pretty cute :) I like Hello Kitty :) But pretty funny that its making a music video :0
Haha well what do you guys think? Crazy , cute , weird, or just Ok

Well if you like Hello Kitty I'm pretty sure you would like these!
Hello Kitty Toaster

Hello Kitty Motorcycle

Can you Believe it! Restroom can be Kawaii!!!
Restroom Becomes cute with Hello Kitty!

I think this type is stuff is starting to be super popular!
I just read another Blog (one of my fave blogs!)that had One of those Bathroom things!
Check out her Post on it(be sure to follow her lovely blog on Japan stuff!)
Moments like Diamonds

Bling Bling Bling!
So pretty Laptop!

Wow, and last for the best
I personally think this is so crazy!
Seriously contact lenses have gone so overboard!
Really Crazy, yet so awesome at the same time!
Hello Kitty Contacts!

Well thats it for now...Next post will be on Beauty Tips

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  1. haha, I love the dress, the bathroom and the contacts! I would never wear the contacts but they are cute and interesting. =)

    Thanks for all the the great hello kitty finds!

  2. That's crazy. I didn't know that hello kitty had a music video!

  3. wowowow thats a lot of HK goodies i love the laptop! :) i agree, those contacts are crazy! :)

  4. haha this post sems made for me! that is my future belongings. just joking.
    Amazing post! everything is soo cute!
    Shan x

  5. omg the contacts are sooo crazy! why would someone wanna wear their eyes like that? Love HK though hehehe

  6. Wow, thats so interesting all the different items that Hello Kitty is on! Thanks for collecting all the images into one post, and a big thanks for mentioning me. You are too sweet^^

  7. Hi!!Emily.....OMG!!....I want those bathroom cute.....nice post....I super enjoy it...

  8. Aww I love Hello Kitty. Target sells a lot of the Hk appliances too. :) Thanks for sharing these cute finds. Hope school is going well!

  9. oh em gee! i used to be crazy over sanrio! now looking at ya post, i think i still am lol

    xoxo elle
    ps: changing my desktop bg back to hello kitty!

  10. that toaster is amazing^^ i want one.. would make breakfast much more interesting^^ ha~

    and those HK lenses are crazy~~ but cute! xx

  11. Wow!!! The picture of the restroom is amazing.
    I like HK but not so...

  12. Emily, I looove this post! haha I want the toilet set and the laptop.. but maybe not the contacts even though they are neat. The HK bakery shop in taipei is at #90 Da An Lu.. can't type chinese on this computer! ah but the phone # of the place is (02) 2711-1132. I have their brochure with me haha.