Monday, January 25, 2010

Cute Food, so cute that I wont eat it !

Hi everyone! First I wanna thanks for all of my lovely followers and subscribers! Thanks for supporting me and thanks for your comments! Makes me really happy everyday :) Today I want to show you some foods that are just so cute, irresistably cute o_o I dont think I would ever eat these! They are way too cute to be eaten ! (All of the foods are vegetarian!)
vegetarian bento Pictures, Images and Photos
Hello Kitty Bento Box!
Bunny Cupcake! O_o so cute

Not your normal gingerbread man! but still so cute

Easiest house to make!
Bread(toast),Cucumber,chesse, and celery

Panda in soup >_<>
But I wonder what the panda is made of?

Rice !! even pink rice!

Stitch! Bento box ^.^

This is vegetarian too!! Hug the Bear :)


yes still vegetarian!
Penguins bento box!!

Well thats it for today! But Stay Tuned There will be more on Cute Food Soon!


  1. Aww I love all these! Haha I want pandas in my soup!

  2. Food should be a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach, so these foods are just fabulous! Well, actually maybe they are too cute to eat hehe^^

  3. so love the HK Bento Box.....cute...

  4. wow! so adorable! Are you a vegetarian?

  5. Aww these are adorable pictures, I love looking at cute bento creations. :) Thanks for sharing.

    I hope you can make it on Saturday in Santa Monica. ^^ Let me know if you can!

  6. dang the food is sooo....sooo damn cute~ haha
    It would takes lots of skill, time, and patience. haha.

  7. Yummy! But I don't think I can eat them, they're too cute to be eaten ^o^

  8. Where is the Panda Soup from? I would like to buy it.