Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eat the Wedding Cake Dress! Crazy awesome Creation!

Hi everyone! wow..recently I've actually been able to blog alot yay :) well today I was randomly going around and searching trying to find a perefect mascara and then wah lah~ I found this crazy picture! I cant believe it!!! An edible wedding dress?! Its so awesome!
A little more info about the dress or Cake :D

"Here's a way to have your wedding cake and wear it, too: a one-of-a-kind bridal gown with a full skirt made of - you guessed it - flour, sugar and loads of frosting.

The wedding cake dress was created by Lukka Sigurdardottir and documented on the blog Gather and Nest in photos that show a woman wearing the whimsical creation as another person cuts out a delicate slice to reveal a rainbow-colored filling.

Practical, this dress isn't. It might not survive the bride's walk down the aisle - unless she was carefully wheeled in on a cart - and would no doubt require her to stand very still during the reception.

But as a work of art, it simply takes the cake."

Amazing creation!
Its so crazy!!!
Lol I would totally want to try on this dress
....hahaha but I wonder how she manages to wear it on

But well What do you think?

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  1. LOL what a funky creation... mmm wedding cakes, now I'm hungry! XD

  2. Down with love starts on Jan 31st says so here http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Down_With_Love
    It looks really cute can't wait to watch it!! I really want to watch Call for love with Mike he too i love him <3 What other dramas are you watching now?

  3. LOL, interesting idea for a cake and dress. I'm not the type to stand very still for long and for me to be wheel down in a trolley/whatever down the aisle or walkway is just too funny to be imagined XDDDD

  4. omg so cool lol being wheeled down or carted down XD

  5. Haha I LOVE cakes, especailly the cream so I think I'd jump on her dress if I saw her. lol

  6. wow that's crazy! i would hate to be the bride though because everyone would be eating off of me!

  7. lol!! i would love to see them gowns in diff colors :D

  8. crazy!! wont she be tired.. standing for so long?lol

    it doesnt look too yummy..lol. i would feel weird eating cake off the bride¬__¬ but the colours inside look cool and it is unique~~^^ xx