Friday, October 9, 2009

Testing tomorrow , care about looking pretty or no?

hello everyone
haha well todays post is just about testing (ergh..what i really hate but) i was just wondering do you guys tend to care about looking pretty on test days? (hint hint: especially if you "might" see your crush) Because tomorrow I have a super duper important test, the scary SAT!!! I've already took it twice, but this is going to be the last time (finally!) that I'm taking this. Usually on tests I dont care about looking pretty (at all....) because I usually feel really crappy or pissed or freaked out and nervous about how I would do on the test. But sometimes, coincidentally you might see someone you didnt intend on seeing , and you start feeling self conscious, that tends to be happening to me a lot lately o_o Usually this is what I do the day before test and on test day:
Day before:
1)feeling stressed
2)scared about doing bad on testing
3)start intense studying (a.k.a procrastinating >_<)
4) call my best friends forever and talk about SAT
and also wish each other good luck
5)nightmares at night (dont sleep well)
Day of test: 1) wake up late (oops, but happens a lot)
2) wash face (start to feel wake..not entirely)
3)apply sunblock on face
4) apply eye gel (but I still have dark circles!!!)
I think of putting concealer but get lazy / run out of time because I have to eat

5)stuff healthy food in my mouth (fail at doing it fastly x_x because I have bracesI
can never eat fastly......)

6) get my stuff ready and run outside (because I'm almost late)
7) on the car and damn... forgot to do my hair (try to get away w/ the "messy hair
do" shown in magazines but.... a total *fail* really sucks, so today I'm changing I started to study already but I really need to take time to look at least decent looking tomorrow, not with dark eye circles!! and at least do my hair and look "okay" (but of course looking pretty would be better :p lol )

Any tips for me ? and would you also want to share about how you tend to be on testing days! THANKS !!! (are you able to still look pretty on testing days or days when your stressed out?)

oh but seriously I always am pretty lazy but I will regret it if my crush sees me all looking dead and crappy.....I mean he still will talk to me since he is my best guy friend but I hated it when last time he saw me with super dark circles (from a result of not sleeping till 3am, finishing a project) and he was like "Emily, you look so dead ,and super tired, are you ok?" ahhh!! it sucks , I hate hereditary dark circles, and it gets worse when I dont get my beauty sleep lol (beauty sleep = 9 or 10 hours lol ^.^ yes yes im not kidding , i need lots of sleep)

I seriously have to stop procrastinating x_x lol ^_^

oh and wanted to thanks ahk! I have 100 lovely followers!! thank you all


  1. hi emily! good luck on your's my suggestion..for a big exams like SAT, you should have stopped studying at least 3 days prior to the exam date so that your brain can have a time to relax and absorb all the things you have studied..coz if you read more the night before the sexam, there's a big chance that you can only remember the things you've read the night before..this is based on my experience :)

    about looking your best but no time to fix yourself, you might want to try my "quick i'm-gonna-be-late steps" hehe ^_^

    1. after doing your daily routine (bathing, skincare, etc), apply a BB cream with spf on your entire face and neck. Include your eye area so it can look brightened too.

    2. if you are oily, apply an oil control powder. This can make your makeup last longer and keep you looking fresh at the same time.

    3. apply some blush and tinted lipbalm and your good to go!

    4. if you have an extra time, curl your lashes and apply some eye brightener (concealer and highlight powder) to make you look more awake

    I have done these steps and it only took me 5 minutes to create a simple look :)

  2. congrats on the 100 followers!
    well exams $ tests are a faraway thing now, for an old lady like me tee hee~ but yes i rmb well that i do look my best when i have a test the next day. why? i guess to give a boost of confidence! i may not be smart, but i still look good kind of feeling!
    good luck! xoxo elle

  3. Maybe I am lazy but when it came to test days, I always looked like crap...haha! However since you will be seeing your crush, I think a BB cream would be a good idea for you since it's easy to put on and provides coverage at the same time. :)

    GOOD LUCK on your test and congrats on hitting 100 followers!!

  4. I actuallu never cared about anyone seeing me look like a zombie on my testing days coz I was in a girl's school so all I cared about was to study hard and be on time for my tests..

    I think if u for somehow could not memorise or didn't have the mood to read anything more, just eat some chocolates and listen to ur ipod for a while ,it will help u not feel so stressed about the test...

    I remember once I like kept on readig all day and night until the moment I was going to have my test then once I was given the test, I forgot was like my brain didn't work for a complete hour until I could remember anything T T..I almost wanted to cry^^;
    so take it easy and goodluck on ur test..also u should look pretty when u see ur crush coz that will probably cheer him up before doing his test^^

  5. Congrats on the 100 followers!!

    Everytime my exams roll about, I wouldn't be able to sleep in peace. I'll start dreaming of me waking up late and being late for the exams. It happens every single damn time. Makes me wake up in a panic.

    But despite it all, I still wanna look presentable so I do put on some foundation, concealer, blusher and mascara. Not my best but atleast I won't look like a zombie. How about putting on some mask the night before or while studying to calm the skin?

    Good luck with your SAT

  6. Oh, don't worry. :) Everything will be fine and you will look pretty. (good luck of course).

    What I do to look pretty

    Day before
    - peeling
    - moisturizing cream
    - gel under eyes
    - body balm
    - wash my hair

    THIS day
    - natural make-up (foundation, concelear, eye shadows, mascara, blush)
    - natural hairstyle
    - healthy food
    - perfumes

  7. Ciao sweets! Well I don't have a any supercool tips. The only thing to get more to get up a bit earlier hehehe.

    But I have this thing that I can't really sleep if I have a big test or an important thing on the next day. So I'm awake pretty early hahaha.

    I usually put on a light foundation and make sure I conceal my dark circles. A soft neutral blush and in the same tint a lippencil, it stays on longer and you have soft colored lips! And mascara. That's all. I love the colors red/orange or a warm pink/beige. Maybe for a lot of people quite bright or more like a bronzer., but I guess on my skin it's more natural. Because you don't see it really brightly on my skin, but yet again it brightens up my face. I put this on in 5 min or so. I don't like more makeup, I'm waaaaaaay too lazy ^_^! But highlight your features and conceal what you dislike the most! Take a little extra time and you will look FAB for anyone you meet!

    I think it will go perfectly fine if you just wake a up a tinny bit earlier ^_^!

    ALL THE LUCK! You can do it!

    Take care!! XOXO

    But hey! He cares about you, to still talk to you even if you feel like #$%! He does ask you if you're okay! And I don't think it's because his your best guy friend. It was also possible that he made a joke of it or something to make you feel worse T_T.

  8. Aww good luck on the SATs Emily! (hugs) I know you can do it! I hope you relax and do a little shopping afterwards. ^^

  9. good luck for your test tml!..=)

  10. Good luck on your SAT! I hated that test too lol but I never cared about how I looked since I had to wake up early in the morning and we took it in our library which is super cold. I pretty much just slapped on some concealer (I have horrible dark circles too!), a little liner & shadow and I was good to go. Still looked terrible but I didn't care XD

    I don't think I ever studied, just winged it cus I think the SAT is a stupid test just to make you PAY to tell you how smart they THINK you are. Anyways, I heard that chewing gum / peppermint candy is suppose to stimulate memory if that helps (: I think it's okay if you're not all dolled up, there's plenty other days to impress your crush (:

    Congrats on your followers :D

  11. When I went through my testing days. I looked an absolute mess. If i recall.. I barely slept and stressed so had bad skin.. Also ate whatever I could grab when I could. So overall I doubt I looked very good at my tests. I dont think I even straightened my hair lols.
    Hmmm im sure a few days of looking tired wont do any harm. N your crush should like u for u.. n not just for looks.
    Plus Im sure he remembers how you look on great days..everyone gets off days
    Shan x

  12. This post is really hilarious :) Sorry, but I couldn't not to laugh because that's exactly how I look like on my exams days :P
    The day before I procastinate (always) and have nightmares at night :(. The next day I get up in bad mood (because of the nightmares) and start preparing (washing up, makeup because I ran into people I didn't intend to see much too often to risk another one without makeup :P and than what to dress? That one takes forever so I'm usually late and don't have time to eat (and I can't before exams).

    So it's very stressy. But after the exam. Puf. Magic. No more stress and I'm hungry as hell :P

    Any advice? Relax and try beeing optimistic :)

  13. lol. wow. You'll be fine with the SAT! Don't worry much about it. College look at it to see how high you can score and what's the chance of you graduating from their college. That's pretty much it. I personally don't like the SAT. I hated the SAT back then but it's not so bad, if anything... you'll just take a free course the college makes you take before starting the semester with normal college credits. hmmmz.. I think you should just have your hair tied up in a pony tail or a bun. For make-up, keep it natural. Get enough of sleep! Don't stay up studying!! Drink plenty of waters today so you can pee a lot tonight and before you go to take the test. haha. I'm serious about this one too! Take a shower before you head out, you'll feel refresh =] take a deep breath and just take it! I think you should aim for 9 hours of sleep. lol.

  14. we all can get lazy...just dont forget to use a good mosiutzer...some mascara and lipgloss and ur good to go!!lol:)

  15. Girl ~ all you need is a little BB Cream and some lipgloss and you are good to go!

  16. Hey Emily, I think it would help a lot if you stay on track with time, as in schedule the times you need to study, so that you can get enough beauty sleep.. as for nightmares, try to relax and not be nervous! If you use enough time to prepare, you should feel more confident and sleep better.. at least that works for me :) As for looking pretty, if the class is really early then I will probably only use eyeliner. If I have extra time I will play with a few more makeup items ;) O yeah, if you feel weird w/o makeup on test days.. then wear something that you will still feel pretty in!

  17. sometimes when i know i have a long day i try to look better but if its a short day like just quick something i dont care as much. maybe cos i think its ok i can escape fast n go back to hide at home hehe! hun thanks for visiting my blog even tho it was sorta dead!! x

  18. I always look crappy on exam day hahaa! And I'm quite often late. Everyone is already seated and the main doors are closed and everything and you can see me rushing in lol!

  19. You are welcome sweetie ^-^
    I am waiting for your new note. :)

    But you know what? Sometimes I have 8 lessons T.T Nigthmare for me. On Wednesday. I almost die this day. Very tired. + I have 2 polish, math, physic... the worst subjects!
    Do you like math or physic? I hate them! :<

    Kisses, luv ya : *

  20. yeah i love that one the most too !haha

    this is my new blog,i will be updating more in my new blog.please follow me to my new blog.haha

  21. btw i never late or rush on exam day ,i always wakeup so early,watch tv,do makeups,slowly walking to my car and arrive early for teh test.hahaa
    i dunno telling this,i see myself as a snail moving really slow for the test