Friday, September 11, 2009

Today 8 years ago 9-11

Im pretty sure all of you guys know of what happened 8 years ago to the twin towers in New york. The devastaing event that left many heartbroken and sad
Today is a day to remember, at school today we had this assembly and when we were saying the pledge of allegiance, we had a moment of silence to remember the people that had died in 9-11 , it was 8 years ago .....I am actually lucky enough to not have lost any loved ones in the 9-11 but not everyone is as lucky as me

During the moment of silence to remember them, my mind flashed back to 8 years ago I was only 8 years old (what a scary coincidence o_O) I remember waking up in the morning all ready to watch my morning cartoon, once I opened the TV I saw one of the twin towers go down! I was shocked and really scared at the sight, I was frightened, especially when I saw a person just jump out of the window.

Ok so I feel pretty sad today :( but I always try to think on the bright side and make myself happy as soon as possible, so now for my favorite.....Some RANDOM stuff to end this post!

During that assembly at my school today I saw my friends in COLORGUARD!
and I was just like ...."oh hey, I remember doing that"
Heres some pictures of when I was in colorguard , it was about 2 years ago

haha yep, thats me(pink arrow >_< )

Me(black arrow)

Ok thats it , but WAIT! hmm...I'm pretty sure not many of you guys know of COLORGUARD right??
ok its a SPORT, we perform with the Band peoples and we do different types of tricks and pretty stuff with different flags, and we practice routine. Colorguard is like dancing and doing tricks with a flag. Its very fun but pretty hard. We have to practice till 9pm sometimes, and on Satudays we had to practice the entire day. For performances we sometimes come home very late , like around 11pm. But the worst part is when I have to do tricks and practice at home I used to hit my head alot....... but haha ^_^ its all worth it, because tossing up a flag and catching it is super fun!

oh yah and lastly theres three types of stuff we use, kinda like 3 levels
Beginning level: Using a Flag
Intermediate level: Using a Rifle (its not real dont worry :p)
Last level: Using a Saber (we tape it up so the sharp part so it'd be safe)

Thats it for Today :D have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


  1. 9-11 is one of those events where you remember exactly where you were when it happened. :(

    Thank you for sharing your colorguard pics! You look so cute. I know I wouldn't have been able to do all those tricks!

  2. Thanks for making a post about 9/11. I was in middle school when it happened. :(

    It's great that you were in color guard. So cute! Look forward to more of your updates. :)

  3. Ohh... The memories are coming back... I remember seeing it happen outside my class window...

    LOL... I was a band person in HS... :)

  4. It's crazy how time passes... and I remember the day it happened. I was in Junior High :\

  5. i want to in colour guard ! but UK is too boring to come up with fun things like tht :p

    nice post too :)

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, im following u now!

  7. I don't remember 9/11 that much. :[ I was 12 and I don't even know where I was :[

    Great post!

  8. i love ur new profile header btw and I gave u an award ^^

  9. It's so important to remember this day. Great post. I remember I was in Miss Debbie's Grade 3 class and my parents told me about it when I went home. I didn't really understand it, but now it really frightens me.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. My first reaction reading your post was, "*TOOT* it's been 8 years?!"

    Time since to have flew by. It really did. It's hard to believe it happened when I was 17 and I have no bloody recollection of what I was doing then, I do remember watching tv about it but that's it. Guess it's also partly cause I'm not American, thus my blurness.

    I never knew what a colorguard was till I read your post, interesting!