Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Art: Tried the Van Gogh

HI, I thought that its been a while, since I showed some of my artworks, If your new to my blog and havent seen any of my artworks, check it out : (click on it)
1) Some Drawings from a while ago
2) Art Day Drawing
So now for todays artwork

ah, well this is nothing much, not that good. I just thought of sharing it so people can critique on it and give me advice or/and tips please, it well help me lots! thanks!!!

oh yah, and a little about this piece of artwork, I used oil painting, and this is based on one of Van Goghs piece, sorry I dont have the picture of the original, if u have a pic or know where the link is would u e-mail it to me! I lost the picture of it, but it was like so pretty!

So yah, for this pice took me about a few months, because I was drawing it only when I felt like it, but when Van Gogh drew his piece of artwork, it took him a couple of YEARS!! (yep thats right...years! )
Quote of the day
"I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. "
-Vincent Van Gogh

haha well thats it for now! and wanna THANKS SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG! 77 followers!!!!! thank you all , please look on the side for upcoming posts, tell me which one you are more intersted in me posting >_<>



  1. i loved it.. =) im not that good in arts too =)

  2. i love art! <3 i liked to always use van gogh's pieces for inspiration in art class :P one of my fav is starry night :)
    you did a great job :) oil paint's pretty hard to work with ;)

  3. Pretty painting (: Off to go look at your other artworks now~

  4. Very pretty picture Emily, I wish I was more artistic! I hope you keep posting more of your lovely art here, would love to see more. :)

  5. interesting artwork :)
    i hope i have the gift of drawing skills too heehee. <3

  6. Lovely post, really enjoyed it - & I'm loving your blog ! Best wishes..

  7. i love the drawing ^^
    I always found oil pastels hard to use :(

    and congrats for getting 77 followers ^^

  8. wow great job love. it.
    congrats on 78.. n for many more to come.
    Shan x

  9. wow,oil painting,u r awesome !
    thanks hun !hehe,my makeup does help huh?:P

  10. I like the drawings of the animals you did in the link on this post. I don't know much about Van Gogh's art but your version looks good.

  11. school is absolutely killing me right now. D: especially, world history.
    what does TA mean? aha. .
    i love your paintings! your such a talented artistic! :)
    sorry for the late reply, but i haven't checked up on my blog lately. .
    and yeah, it's nice to talk with some blogger buddies. :D
    reply whenever you have the chance!

  12. You are way talented, Emily!! Loves it. =)

    I love all your upcoming topics. I guess the one I am most looking forward to is "More Beauty Diy (its a secret)".

  13. Such talented artist, I can't draw at all, in fact my Chinese writing is so ugly my grandma used to say my writing is like dancing :)

  14. I think that it is quite lovely!

  15. thanks v much ^^ i do love panda like u like monkeys x)

  16. I am a big fan of Vahn Gogh too, u did such a great job^^

  17. wowwwwww this looks really really good!
    i painted someting based on van gogh's work in art class at school too, but it did not come out as good haha
    thanks for the lovely comment ^^