Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've got another blog ohwowsocheap

Hey everyone! super duper short post today (or maybe not)
The banner says it all , please go and check out my new blog, I will be adding more and more and more and lots more of savings, sales, clearances

check out my other blog :

ok so now a little about what I've been doing ~
Im so busy with school nowadays and dont have the chance to go check out everyones blogs, so sad, sorry ;( i have lots of posts to look at over the weekend, and lots of peoples blog to comment
School really really sucks, but lately noticed some cute guys in my school, I wonder why I never noticed them? I wonder if there new....but I asked my friends and they knew who they were >_<

I think its because I've been too obsessed with my crush (my best guy friend) , I knew that I liked him, and I think he likes me but I'm not sure, I have no idea how I can ask him if he likes me, its just way too awkward x_x any tips , can anyone help me???


  1. Nice new blog! It's hard to balance school with all your other interests. I don't know anything about guys but good luck with your love situation! :D

  2. great idea for another blog baby. crush, its so sweet talking about that brings me back to my old school days... i was like you same scenario but we were both shy so we ends up like BFF... if you like him, maybe you should drop him some hint...

    good luck

  3. I miss school with all that hot guys...hehe...Just be yourself, but flirt a eye contact...hehe....Oh..I don't know...I kinda suck at it...I'm well known for being a snob....hehe...but goodluck sweetie...

  4. hmm try hugging him and tht?
    and im finding it hard t blacen school with my life too!

    great blog idea btw ^^

  5. cool new blog!! it's so dangerous because it makes me want to buy more hehe

  6. I know what you mean about being so busy with school! I feel like I've been neglecting my blog too!

    Your so lucky that you've got (potentially) new guys at your school! There's literally no new guys in my grade. LITERALLY.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Hello Emily ^_^!! Oh cool! Another blog. Nice!

    Hmm I don't really know what you could do towards your best friend. I'm sooo not good with flirting and stuff hehehe. Usually you can see if someone likes you, when you caught them staring or he looks at you in a dreamy way. but then again you have guys who can totally keep a straight face if they like you...aah man! I'm so sorry that I can't help you >_<. All the luck *hugs*

  8. I'll definitely check it out!
    The Skin79 BB creams are wonderful! They are really light but with nice coverage... I just posted a whole review on my blog if you want more details!

  9. lohls, you seem to have a few blogs around emily!

  10. Ciao! I'm back again haha. Okay just wanted to tell you that....I tagged you ^_^! I give you the express yourself award!! Yes you can see it on my blog haha. Take care and is there any progress with your best friend? *waves*

  11. I'm very busy because of the school too :(
    Hmm about your problem.
    Well, maybe someone from your friends could ask him does he like you? I don't know. It's very hard, I know ^^'
    Take care ^^