Friday, September 3, 2010

Update: Its been a while!!

Hi everyone, thanks for still being my follower!! Im so happy to be back blogging, I missed all of you!!!

ok well Heres a little update of what I've been doing, this time I promise to blog more often

Well, I'm finally officially on Summer Break! yay...well not really because most of my friends started school already , well its actually because I was taking to sessions of Summer School, finally its over I'm done with summer school, all those long hours and so much homework, everything is done now, I had my final yesterday

Ok and this summer I've been to many nice places, But didnt have the time to post on this blog!
I went to this super pretty Garden and Solvang (which is kind of like a little version of Denmark)

Heres a picture of a cute bench, Read closely

LOL Gossip Bench!! hehe >_<

Been to a Grad party, it was pretty fun, but at the same time a bit sad that everyone wont be all in the same small high school anymore, everything is going to be different now

Then lastly, recently had a bit problem with my best friend, I've been friends with her ever since middle school, but recently me and my other best friends found out, how she really is, how she changed...and well just a lot of drama

Well ok now, looking on the bright side, I went shopping for a lot of Beauty stuff, so a haul will be coming soon :)
Anyways thanks for reading and always supporting my blog PINK MONKEY!


  1. sorry to hear about the draam but at least ur ok ^^ the little denmakr sounds pretty cute :3