Monday, September 6, 2010

A gift from Mr. Right?

Hi everyone, hope all of you had a FUN labor day weekend!! well a few weeks ago i received a gift from Mr.Right?....LOL here let me show you
I was pretty curious what exactly it is, Then I remembered that it was a free sample , haha a gift
Its not really from my perfect guy, its from Pantene, Mr. Right = the sample product
They have different types and I chose the one for medium thickness hair, and after using it ...well what can I say, but I LOVE IT, it really gives my hair volume
Well thats it for today, wish all of you the best, thanks for reading!! Have a wonderful week :)

A Full Review on this will be coming Soon ^-^

~emily lee (PinkMonkey)


  1. lol thats funny. I thought its like from your bf or something but the packaging looks really nice hehe :)

  2. Hey Emily! It's been a while, how are you doing girl? lol what a catchy post title, had me wondering about your Mr. Right :D

  3. Nice packaging and nice gift! Hoping Pantene pampers your hair like pampers by Mr.Right. "v beautyknot

  4. oh it was nice of him ^^ nice review i love big hair ^^

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  6. That is such a cute way to send out samples.... Although it's kind of mean to single girls!

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