Friday, September 3, 2010

Target Haul: Brushes

Hey everyone, Its been a long time since I've done a haul, anyways here it is, I bought these at Target. A few brushes! :)

Mostly all E.L.F brushes, but there are a few studio tools bushes, hahaha im pretty cheap on a budget, so yah....actually I really was tempted to buy the Sonia Kashuk brushes and the eco tools brushes but I ended up getting these, a lot cheaper

I'm still a makeup beginner so I guess maybe next time, I'll get those next time :)

So how about you ? What brushes do you have??

I'd Love to hear from you guys!! Commenets are always appreciated!


  1. i use cheap burshes too but urs look nice ^^

  2. Hi Emily! Good to see you back on Blogger. =D *sigh* I wish what you said about my skin was true. :\ It's not perfect which is why I need a good mask.

    Anyways, you got a nice Target haul here! I also like the glass(?) container you stored them in. Very pretty :)

  3. I use cheap brushes too! Don't worry XD At least they work, right?

  4. i like the container you used for storing your brushes too! very pretty :)

    welcome back to blogger dear! :)