Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hmm..Interesting gifts for Mommy

Mom is one of the most important people in the world! They are the most hardworking ones and they are the ones that have helped us and given us the most love. Well at least that's how I feel! My mom is the best person to me, seriously the most important person to me! Here are some gifts that I think are pretty interesting ...
What a beautiful Scrapbook!

A poem for Mom, aww... so sweet

A Specially Made Family Tree

A beautiful Apron
Pretty Jewelry

Jars Full of Love

Car Decal of Happy Family
(its so cute!! I always wanted one)

Pretty Bouguets of flowers


Pretty !!! Jewelry holders

Personalized M&M's

Last But not least
I thought I'd share this Quickie with all of you
This mothers day I gave my mom a set of Skincare items for her
Hope fully she would like it :)

Did any of you give your mom Beauty Products
I mean , I know there lots of Beauty Fanatics like me

So How was this Mothers Day for you?
What did you give your mom??
I mean If your a Mom yourself
What did your Son/Daughter give to you?

I'd LOVE to hear from all of you
Its been a while!

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  1. What a cute post^^ My mom is not a mushy sentimental type, so she would probably prefer the live plants or jewelry.

  2. in the UK we celebrate it in march but i made her a breakfast in bed i think ^o)

    tehe cute post :3
    I think my mum would have loved an apron

  3. Mum's are the best. I'm starting to realize that I always should listen to the advices my mum gives to me, she's always right!