Friday, May 14, 2010

Beauty Product Review: Face Up Roller

Hi everyone! Its been a while since blogging reviews! First off I want to say that I miss all of you!Ok well today I will be reviewing a product that is said to slim the face and well relax, tone, and help for fine lines (I mean not that I have any, but I could start preventing for later on)

First Feature is to improve the skin near the eyes
Second feature is the jaw and chin area
Well, Then I'm trying it

And trying it

Now I can put both pieces together
I can use it together
It helps Improve chin area
and the neck
Preventing, or eventually removing Double chin

Well, yah its staring to hurt a little
But I mean thats good
Burning the Facial Fat

Okay well Now My Full Review:

First Impression: The product looked rather simple and I actually thought it would break easily because it is made of plastic. I actually had a rather bad impression

After First Use: I was absolutely amazed! I loved how relaxing it felt, and I like the feeling of how it glides. I used to always use my hands to push upwards but it becomes really tiring. But now that I have this slimming tool, it is so much easier, and I can use it anytime. I barely got it today, But I really love it ! So I wanted to share with all of you ^_^ Im sure all of you can use it anytime throughout the day. The feeling of hurt is very small and minimal, It is just Burning the fat. I love this product, its excellent and I recommend everyone to buy it!

I rate it a 4star/5 star
I would give it a 5 but it is only made of plastic, but I mean its good already for the cheap price

I Greatly recommend this product to people that:
-Have Water retention
-Puffy Face
-Baby Fat
-Double Chin
-Have Braces
-Want a V shape

I Bought it at Here is the specific link (CLICK HERE)

Hope this Review Helped you! If you have any further questions Feel Free to e-mail me or simply just Comment Below !


  1. Thanks for the review! I've seen these face slimming tools before, but I've never tried them! :D

  2. Hee are so cute. I missed you! :) I bought something similar to this only it has 2 rollers instead of 3 and it's sitting somewhere collecting dust right

  3. Thanks for the review! Do you have before and after pictures? I was always interested in this but was not sure if the effects would be noticeable! My face is kinda bloated and I hate it >_< I wonder if this would work!

  4. I always thought this was quirky idea. I want to try it. Imma gunna get one soon I thinks, even if it doesnt work for me..Looks soo soothing.

    haha cute shots.

    Mmm hmm long time no speak. Im fine thanks. Hope ur doing good too!
    Shan Shan xxx

  5. My chin is already quite pointy, and I got rid of my double chin with weight-loss, but using it on the eye area sounds nice. Thanks for the review^^

  6. Great review! I have this too, but I've never used it. hehwe.. I should try to use it now :D

  7. i saw these before but dint really believe in them lol but now i got to try them!

    xoxo elle

  8. does it REALLY slim?

    I never believed it :S
    but I guess I should start since I almost have a double chin LOL :(

  9. Hi!:)
    Yes I'm wearing my circle lenses on that picture!
    I've bought them a long time ago, so the site I've bought them from already closed, but I hear a lot of good reviews from:
    I'm wearing GEO Ash Wing lenses.

    I hope that helps!:)

  10. ooh i have seen this before on pushcarts but dunno if they works or not...daiso sells them too!

  11. Hi Emily!

    Missed all of your cool posts! Glad you're back to blogging. I got one of these from Taiwan and it does make my face feel a little sore but I think it works! Unfortunately, my cat plays with it all the time so I don't use it anymore lol. Thanks for the review.

  12. this looks interesting, though i was a bit afraid of using it cuz it'll hurt
    i've been so lazy at updating my blog haha, dunno what i should even write about =p
    i use the hadasui everytime i put on makeup, i dont' think it's supposed to whiten..i just think of it as a moisturizing toner of sorts. i'd spray it on whenever, but most of the time i just use it that one time before applying my makeup

  13. Omg, is it just me does that look super fun? ;)
    Fab review, I must try it out. Xx

  14. Hi Emily!

    Great review, glad your back blogging we missed you!

  15. Thanks for the review! These are SO popular in Japan, but I haven't gotten around to picking one up! Thank you for letting me know how it works!

  16. Welcome back! The face roller thing has been selling over here for some time but I was never sure if it works so thanks for the review.

    I bought my pair of contacts a while back. It's from a brand called Caring. They are my fav cause it's super comfortable. I would know I wear them for over 12 hours daily. I kid you not. It's not good for the eyes but I'm blind without them. LOL!

    but anyway keep it up with your blog, i miss it!