Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lace is So Lovely

Hey everyone! Today I want to share with you guys my all time favorite .....LACE I dont know why but I just love the look of Lace On evrything!!! Its so pretty

Lace Hotel!!! amazing ~
Lace Fence :)

White Lace Dresses
Pink Lace Dress, so pretty!
Black Lace Dress
White Lace Top!
Sexy style ~ Black Lace on the Back

Black Lace Tops
Black Lace Leggings >_<

These are my favorite!!!
I want these Shoes!!!!!
Black Lace Heels
Does anyone know what brand it is or where I can get it?
Lace Wrapping Tape

Black Lace Cake!!!
Its edible o_o

Well, thats it for now Do you Love Lace?


  1. Yes I do love lace! And omg, these models make the lace dresses look soooo good!

    Thanks for sharing these pretty pictures Emily =]

  2. i love lace and i lvoe the lace fence ^^

  3. Emily! How have you been girly? I think these are fabulous picks for lace.. I'm really digging the kawaii dresses modeled by the Asian girls. Sadly I don't know about those shoes..

  4. I love lace!!! I'm always on the lookout for quality lace tops and dresses. I don't know why. Most people think lace=wedding and such but for me lace=sweet and pretty so I always want it.

  5. i love the pix! the lace fence is so cool! <3 Rina

  6. love those pictures......I'm so into lace are you??

  7. i like the lace fence!! wahh thanks for the comment! you makes me soo touched! T_T
    hehe sometimes i think the stuffs i write is quite boring &sometimes i just feel like not blogging haha

  8. Lace do really look nice :) They look very elegant and sexy! =) LOve it!!! The lace hotel is so nice :D

  9. I am not so much into lace because it feels itchy on my skin. I love lace on other people and on things too because it adds a touch of femininity to everything else.

    Lots of love,